Pregnant and scared

Hi all I am 22 and just found out I'm pregnant I'm so scared something bad is going to happen I haven't had it confirmed by a doctor yet but had 4 positive tests I really hope my lupus isint going to affect the way I am with the baby has any one got any advice on coping with your pregnacy and the options of giving birth is a c section better with lupus or is the recovery worse I want to be able to do everything myself and not be a mam in constant pain but nothing really works to control my symptoms I am also on a high dose of OxyContin for pain which is going to have to stop and I am booked in for ritixumab early dec that will be stopped and I really needed it as my symptoms and bloods have been getting increasingly worse since I'm due plz help I really am scared and haven't told my mam yet as I am worried she thinks I am to unwell for a baby :(

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  • Hi Zoezoe752,

    Are you on any treatment at the moment? Have you informed your consultant that you are pregnant yet?

    You can read our factsheet about lupus and preganacy here -

    If you need anything, please let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Take care,



  • Just hydroxy and just had a steroid injection and had ritixumab 6 months ago but I'm due it and my lupus gets worse without it I am seeing consultant in the 5th so she will be shocked

  • OK. I just wanted to check that the treatments you are on are OK for the baby. The rituximab wouldn't be, but the consultant will discuss that with you. Your consultant may recommend an alternative treatment and will probably arrange for more regular check-ups throughout your pregnancy. Let us know how you get on at the appointment.

  • My pregnancy was monitored closely throughout. I was lucky that I wasn't on much medication b4 I conceived. I went to a clinic at local hosp instead of local gp & midwife. My lupus didn't give me any bother in my pregnancy & nearly 8 months later I still feel pretty good. Can't believe how well I coped with my induction then natural childbirth at 39 weeks & even coping (kinda) with broken sleep!!

    Good luck xxx

  • Hi hun congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm currently expecting my 3rd baby and was really worried about telling family as I haven't been well since my son was born (2nd baby). I told my mum really early that I was expecting.

    I have been lucky and for first 22weeks I have felt better then I have felt in 4years so much so that I feel cured...even though I know I'm not. I hope you feel the same. Its only been recently that I feel like I'm flaring which is worrying me but I'm been closely monitored by consultants so luckily its just me feeling yuk and not baby.

    I'd def tell you lupus team asap that your pregnant so they can advice you if any drugs need altering.

    I had lupus symptoms before my last pregnancy but wasn't diagnosed and I managed to have a normal delivery. This pregnancy there has been no mention of c-sections or different delivery yet and I'm 23weeks.

    My advice would be keep thinking of each step at a time otherwise its overwhelming. Concentrate on getting to 12 weeks then 20 etc etc thats the only way I have coped. I know its easier said then done.

    Is your partner supportive do you have friends/family you can talk to? If you want someone to chat to then feel free to message me xxxx

  • Hi thanks for your comments makes me feel much better I am hoping I am going to be well my partner has been great so far and I hav told my mam who didn't take it as well as I wanted but I think it was shock as I am so unwell fingers crossed il be fine but I will definitly be in touch with it being my first baby i don't no what is lupus but what is pregnacy

  • Aaah bless, don't be scared, the stress will only cause you more problems. I was really unwell with my Lupus - skin, joint, fatigue issues and on 40mg pred plus Placquinel when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Luckily for me I was already attending the Louise Coote Lupus Unit at St. Thomas' in London so I just changed consultant to Dr. Khamashta and Dr. Hunt - both of whom ran the Lupus Pregnancy clinic and were absolutely amazing. I had a very a very successful pregnancy, probably the healthiest I'd been for a long time, had a C-section, due to baby, not me! and went on to recover very quickly and enjoy motherhood - albeit very tiring but then that is the same for everyone, with our without a medical condition. I've since had a second successful pregnancy and again, very supportive/good advise from Dr. Khamashta/Dr. Hunt and all the wonderful team in the Louise Coote Lupus Unit. My advice, stay positive, see your GP/consultants ASAP and if you can, tell your partner/family too so you get their support. Also keep posting on here, this forum is brilliant for support from sufferers and experts alike. Good luck xxxx

  • Aww thanks really good to here I'm so worried about all the meds and the fact that I'm unwell as I hav fell I have told my partner and mam who are both shocked as I have just moved back to my mams with my partner as we weren't coping with our apartment never mind a baby but hopefully it will all work out I am excited

  • Hey Zoe .... Congratulations! Please try not to stress and worry. In April this year at age 41yrs and having SLE I gave birth naturally to my baby girl.

    The 'experts' had said I would be very high risk due to SLE and lupus and that I'd have a c-section and likely an unpleasant pregnancy ....... WRONG!! My lupus symptoms diapered for the whole pregnancy and I had a natural birth. I hd scans and monitor baby heartbeat ever fortnight then weekly just incase. My weekly blood test showed lupus activity so halfway through pregnancy wen back on steroids.

    I really enjoyed being pregnant an he only downside for me was the massive fatigue in late afternoons ..... Combination of lupus and pregnancy tiredness!

    Just telling you all this as although the specialists have to tell you worse case scenario .... It is more likely to be a fab And enjoyable experience!

    Don't expect the worst .. Keep positive and keep smiling .. Do not allow lupus to define you!

    All the best x

  • Congratulations. I have had 5 healthy children and I have SLE. Had problems with rashes throughout and exhaustion, but other than that and sickness etc, everything was fine. I did have all babies by C- section but that was more to do with my concrete cervix :-) My advice is talk to the experts, make sure you are monitored (I went monthly then fortnightly towards the end) and try not to worry. Best wishes

  • Thanks everyone it's lovely to hear all the positive comments rather than my mam just sayin omg how are u going to cope I was always worried I was unable to have children due to years of medication due to lupus and I am willing to try and do everything myself I don't think I am going to manage work but I'm going to take everyday as it comes

  • Aww hun your mum sounds like mine. I think mums worry about their kids no matter how old they are. I know I'll worry about mine forever more lol xxx

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