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Help for thyroid issues:

Some of us, or indeed relatives or friends - have thyroid issues: These two excellent petitions need some help: Firstly Thyroid UK are fighting to give patients some choice, not everybody does well on the standard pharma treatments, and do better on the natural ones... this petition is about a choice of treatment: Please sign it and pass it along to others:

and this second one is fighting the corner of thryoid petitions world over:

and the final one is a simple signing of a very interesting register:

If you can help, please do... so many of us with autoimmune disorders... silently go on to develop thyroid issues.

Thanks. Mary F x

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Hi, thank you for this. I will sign the petitions.

I have Multiple Sclerosis and Hughes Syndrome. My 16 year old daughter is being tested for an under active thyroid. I'm really worried for her - she's only just beginning her life.


Hello I also hav Hughes, and sjogrens.. and hypothyroidisim normally goes with this according to Professor H himself! I also have psoriatic arthropathy and SLE Lupus as well.. so we all seem to end up with something alongside it. My daughter 15.. has hughes and lupus x

Mary F x


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