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Chin numbness

Hi again folks..hope that you're all still smiling. With regards to my carpal tunnel syndrome I previously posted,(I have SLE, RA, sjorgrens and raynauds and take the usual medication) I have seen my consultant and was injected directly into my wrist with steroid without any significant effect, my fingers and thumb are still numb and painful.

I now have a numb chin...having googled this I'm now slightly concerned about this...I am seeing my gp once again next week and will hopefully put my mind at rest..and was wondering if anybody else has had a similar problem? Little bit worried by what I have read thus far x

:D keep smiling x

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The finger numbness or burning, is often down to nerves being trapped along the line, which can be wrist elbow shoulder or neck.

Chin numbness sounds a little more worrying, but dont get to concerned until you have spoken to the doctor.


Thankyou for your response..the numb fingers and hand along with the pain is caused by flexor tendon is thickened and is pressing against the carpal tunnel...and compressing the medial nerve...just need to hopefully get this's the numb chin that is the concern...but I shall try not to fret too much about it until I have seen my gp x


Over the years I have had all the tendon problems, so I know how crap they can be, Caprel tunnel de quervains du putrens ganglion trigger etc, I also had nerve trouble ffrom a shoulder which left my right hand numb. I gashed the hand at work ,but didnt notice until I saw the blood dripping!!!


This is a very old post, but did you find out what causes numb chin?




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