Hyperparathyroidism does anyone suffer from this?

I have lupus, sjogrens syndrome, fibro, APS, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, RA, 2 major strokes, 5 t.i.a's, had breast cancer & had a radical mastectomy. Also have angina, I.A.F, mitral valve regurgetation, Temporal Arteritis, Vasculitis, plus all sorts of problems with my back. I'm in a wheelchair all the time. Had an appointment at the Lupus Clinic at St. Thomas hosp a few mths ago. They emailed my dr to ask her to arrange blood tests for me as when they had done mine it showed up that my PTH levels were very high. Also to do a bone density profile & check vit D levels. She done these & it showed more or less the same as the hosps finding. The lupus clinic said to treat accordingly. So she sent an urgent email to the endocrine & I went yesterday & she said I had Hyperparathyroidism & I wondered if anyone else suffer with this & if they can tell me a bit about it! Sorry to have gone on so much. Thanks very much.

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Hello im Sam and im in the same boat as you! i have Lupus Sjogrens firbro raynaulds i also had 2 hip replacements and also suffer with osteoarthritis and vasculitis! im 41!

ive never heard of Hyperparathyroidsm, but just felt compelled to message you! im unsure of your age but wanted to say im sorry to hear of your problems! i know how hard it is to get through everyday tasks but if you ever want to email me to stay in touch please feel free! my email is




Hello Sam, many thanks for getting in touch. I am 52 ..... but right this very minute I feel 92! lol I see you have a lot of problems too & I'm sorry to hear you've had 2 hip replacements! I would love to keep in touch my email is:

Having this hyperparathyroidism on top of every thing else, has just about put the tin lid on it! I have lymphodemia in both of my legs & was told by my specialist that a lot of it is caused by Sjogrens! Now my left leg is not as bad as the right one but have started to get infections in the right leg! I have been in hosp a few times because of it!

Take care

Joyce x


Hi there, I hope this link helps. It is If you google that then it gives you heaps of information re your parathyroid glands. I only know because in January this year I was told I had a nodule on my parathyroid gland. After a hospital appointment it turns out that the nodules were on my thyroid after all. However, I did find it a very credible and informative site on parathyroids. Regards M


Thank you very much for doing this for me! i will google that later. I'm glad that you managed to get your thyroid sorted out.

kind regards



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