pains down the side?!

Ellie has just come home after having 3 days on steroids intravenously. Lupus now diagnosed , she has been put on Hydroxychloroquine..(took 5 before going in last week but she was terribly nauseaus so consultant said to stop taking them.)

Had the drip for 3 days bp dropped down to 82 at one point !! home yesterday & today she has awful pains down the sides of her neck & body ..from under her arms to her waist, he Lupus team in Newcastle have been superb & I shall ring them tomorrow, just wondering if this will be nerve pain..or something maybe brought on by the steroids? Anyone else had similar?


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  • i dont think its steriods make the call and get there advice hope ellie feels better soon

  • Hope Ellie is improving. I live in South Tyneside and didn't know that there was a lupus team in Newcastle. Could you tell me more about it please

  • Hi Boldonganny,

    The Lupus team is part of paediatrics at the new Great North Childrens Hospital..which is part of the RVI. I`m not sure how old you are!


  • Excellent Adult Lupus Team at Freeman Hospital Newcastle.

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