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Help please

Does anyone know if there are any places to go for financial help whilst ill and off work? I completed the ESA formd three weeks ago but have heard nothing since, I've just got to finish off the housing benefit forms (although my landlord does not want me to do), I am scared of losing my home after just having major abdominal surgery. The stress is not a good thing, its effecting not only my FMS, CFS, FD, OA, Endo, its not allowing me to get myself well after the op. please any advice would be greatful.

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Hi there sorry you are going through such a rough time,I can only think of your local citizens advice bureau, they are really helpful and would be able to help you re;housing benefit,Esa and give you advice on where you may get financial help.

Hope you hear soon ,take care,Sandy.


Hi Nanny. I went to the CAB two weeks before my op, as I wanted to find out the what if's and what I can. but thanx


Hi, Sorry your feeling rough, I'm sure it will all turn out ok in the end. Re: Housing Bebefit there should be a section that asks if you want the council to contact our landlord - Tick NO and they won't, also the benefit can be paid straight to you and doesn't have to go to your landlord direct, just make sure you keep upto date with payments - which I'm sure you do anyway. Good Luck Julie x


Hi, firstly are you a member of a union? They have a financial aid section if you don't want to ask your local person contact your area office direct.

Secondly your water,gas, electricity providers might have financial aid sections. I know the main ones do but check the individual websites or ask cab.

Have you worked for Motor industry in any way, if yes contact BEN the motor industry benevolent fund. After filling in forms and possibly a letter seconding your staight of disablility or financial aid (ie OT, social worker or GP).

Do you go to church? Some churches have funds for parishioners in financial straights. Or if you are Catholic then they have the De Paul (something like that son't know exact name sorry) that can give you financial aid.

Otherwise try the website called Turn2us. Go to the search page but do NOT search scroll down to the A-Z and unfortunately its a case of going through each page one by one and trying to find one that might fit your situation and calling or e-mailing each one. It took me about a month to do the whole a-z.

Hope that helps and best wishes



Thank Helen. I tried turn2us and they couldn't help. I will contact my union though and see what they say.


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