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Does anyone else get a weird sensation sometimes when walking along or even when sitting? It feels like I can't keep my head up straight without feeling unbalanced. I know it sounds weird...

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had it for years!!! no doctor can tell me why! had a dizzy do about an hour ago,just sat eating crisps,its like someone is spinning my brain about,awful feeling,it scared me that much my crisps went flying over the floor!! sometimes it can be the odd one like that or other days just a real unbalanced feeling,ive just learnt to live with it,awful though x


yer iv ad for years 2 can be sat watching tv and go raily dizzy as thought some 1 spining ur chair and i also am getting verry forget full and keep repaiting my self does anybody else get these .


Memory issues (short term / long term) and repeating yourself (sensory processing disorder) are issues of COGNITION.

If your cognitive function is being effected best to evaluate why? Is it a side effect of the Rx? Is it a progression of the disease? ...

Cognitive dysfunction can be extremely frustrating.

There are techniques to cope with it.

Best to speak with your medical professionals about helpful options for your specific situation.

Do it for yourself and for those around you.

Take care.


Hypoglycemia can give that sensation.

So can dehydration.

Ataxia and or other proprioception issues do frequently occur in patients with SLE. (beware of falling - use walking aids as necessary).

Most likely a side effect of a prescription medication. Rx might require a dose adjustment.

As long as the treatment benefits outweigh the negatives ... sometimes patients must be tolerant of minor issues.

Be aware and protect yourself as best as you can.

If frequency and severity increases inform your doctor/s. Keep a record of events to stage possible progression of deterioration.

Can you close your eyes and walk in a straight line without falling down? If no ... consult with your Neurologist.

To poodlegal:

Some SLE patients are carbohydrate intolerant or carbohydrate sensitive.

Potatoes being one the worst offenders.


oh no nouksa!! just had sausages and mash for tea! thank you for that though x


I too suffer with vertigo, have done for quite a few years even before I started my meds. Some days cannot get out of bed, if I lift my head off the pillow,go very dizzy and vomit. The can last froma few hours to few days. Also get very shivery but very sweaty. No idea what this is, have got rheumy appt in August.will try to find out then.


To Sue2803:

You poor thing. Good that you have an appointment soon. Be careful. Take care.

To poodlegal:

YUMMY ... sausages and mash! Decadence!!!

I'm coming to your house for tea tomorrow!

It's probably just lupus being lupus. We are as we are. It is great when simple solutions can be found ... though it is almost sacrilege to give up crisps.

Take care.



:-) thank you nouska,you take care too,i think though when you get told you have lupus,you then think back to all your health problems that no one could tell you why you had and ask the lupus docs could it be because of lupus and they tend to play it down,unless organ involement xx


Sausage and Mash... Sausage is a big no no for me as I'm ill for days afterwards. I have been told its to do with the type of fat and the high content, although if you buy hand made i.e. from a farmer that makes things like Pork and Apple the fat content is lower due to the apple. Oh and they taste great..

I have vertigo and take meds daily. If you think you are bad go on a boat or plane with out meds and see how that feels, thats how I found out I have vertigo years ago. It took 5 weeks for the symptoms to subside after I started to take meds.

God bless everyone



yes i too have spells of dizziness, when im laying down,sitting or even whislt im walking. the room tilts like when we went on a roundabout ride as a child? i havnt mentioned quite a few weird symtoms to my lupus specialist as she doesnt listen to me, i once took a list of symtoms with me (as im very forgetful now) and she said she would look later as she was running behind!! ( made me feel really taken care of after waiting 1hr 45mins over my appt time!) i know i need to fight harder but i truley dont have the strength anymore :(


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