Increased tinnitus since vertigo ☹️☹️☹️

Hi there , i had lots of great advice a couple of weeks ago when i had a sudden bout of vertigo. I have noticed now that the mild buzzing tinnitus that I normally have has started to increase today along with a slightly wavy head - no room spinning yet!! The doctor thought the vertigo i had was PBBV. Is it normal for tinnitus to get worse after vertigo? I have had my son running round so see if he could find the source of the sound before I realised it was in my head LOL 😀😀should i be pushing for an ent referral?


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  • Snap I've had minor tennitus for yrs I use nail guns at work and when I was young and new better did not use ear protection ! I've had vertigo several times but last yr was not a good one lots of time off work it started with labrintitus then uti then sepcis but since having labrintitus my tennitus is definitely a lot worse the intense highpitched screech lasts only for second followed by what I call a flash migraine which lasts for minutes luckily and makes me feal "weard" for prob an hr not nice get referd but don't go on your own hen I went they have you lie down and move your head while they sit you up followed by thrusting a sick bowl under your chin inducing vertigo. Go get looked at but the waiting time is long I'm 3month over appointment time for rumi app good look

  • I have had constant high pitch tinnitus now since last summer. I don't l know the cause. I was referred to ent who referred me to audiology who referred me back to ent who referred me for tinnitus counselling so none the wiser.

    The audiologists say it's probably neurological or related to arthritis of the jaw/ TMJ. TBH I have given up attempting to track it down or ask about it now but if you have vertigo with it then that suggests it's vestibular so worth pushing for referral to ENT. I hope you get further than I have - an NHS mindfulness/ meditation CD!

    My guess is that it's Sjögren's related for me as I have sinus problems now and nose bleeds and swallowing issues - so general dryness of all the passages around my ears, nose and throat seems logical explanation to me?

  • Tinnitus shouldn't really be ignored and should be checked out as it can be caused by a number of things, especially if it is only on one side.

    I have just been discharged by ENT and am going to attend tinnitus counselling in a week or so. I had an MRI of my acoustic tracts and they were normal. The Consultant explained that when my lupus flares the acoustic nerves are probably getting inflamed which causes the tinnitus. This makes sense as I have other nerve damage caused by lupus and I only get lupus when I have a malar rash.

    Its good to know that its nothing nasty, more of a very annoying inconvienience which drives me mad

    However, the consultant did say to me in clinic that it is important to investigate new symptoms because you shouldnt put everything down to lupus. Just because we have lupus doesn't mean that it causes all of our health complaints, although in 9 out of 10 cases it probably does. If your tinnitus is ongoing then I would suggest you try to get referred to ENT. If nothing else, reassurance is a great thing.

  • This is exactly what I'm told about my chronic inner ear issues 👍👍👍👍🍀😘

  • Thanks for all you replies. It looks like i need an ent referral then even if they don't have all the answers ☹️ I did some googling and found one article about a nee treatment involving a steroid injection in the ear which helped i think this would only be for severe tinnitus . So off i trot to doctor again after Easter xx

  • I saw my GP about one sided pulsatile tinnitus and have an ent referral for next month. I think you're right to ask for a referral. Hope it gets sorted x

  • Thanks lupi , i think i need to get checked up though I think the waiting list is long , maybe with the vertigo it might be a bit quicker . I also have cookie bite hearing loss and have difficulty with hearing if there is background noise.

  • I have the same hearing loss, have you tried hearing aids? I'm on the waiting list.

  • Just in gp surgery at minute and she had referred me to ent clinic. I have had 2-3 episodes of complete hearing loss in one ear , only lasts a few seconds but gp wants it checked urgently ( probably 2-3 weeks ☹️) so wait and see . I still have wavyness in head since the vertigo as well . Just another appointment to add to the list LOL. Hope you are keeping well 🌸

  • Not good is it but I hope we get a solution. My loss is partial in both ears though I have fluctuating tinnitus & the feeling of my ears being filled with air/blocked! Hope all goes well 🙂

  • My ears feel the same , as if they are constantly full . I will post again after ENT app as to what they suggest . Best wishes 💐

  • Yes, please do. I was sent home with nothing though they suggested a couple of meds & expect the rheum to treat me. My fullness comes & goes which affects my hearing more! 🙂

  • I think this app is more to rule out things , so in someways that is my only expectation. My hearing has got worse so also keen to see what ent think of it 😀

  • Just got a call from ENT , i have an appointment next Wednesday!!!! I didn't think I would get seens so quickly. I hope they wont stop me flying as i going to england with my hubby to visit my oldest boy😀😀

  • That's quick...I do wonder what my ears would be like flying like this! ☺

  • I will let you know how it goes 😀

  • Just an up date - been to ENT , no major problems think it was labyrinthitis . Have to go back in 6 weeks for another check up , if still dizzy or worse they will do a scan . The tinnitus is manageable at the moment and not stopping me sleeping thank goodness!!

  • That's good to hear for you. Did you only have episodes or permanent hearing loss? I'm still waiting for hearing aids on NHS, the 3-4 month wait is now 5-6!!

  • I had temporary hearing loss , i was lucky it was a fast access clinic . Things are settling, occasionally dizziness and residual tinnitus.

  • I've had constant tinnitus, high pitched ringing/ buzzing in my left ear for 5 months. First ENT doctor was useless. Diagnosed mild hearing loss and recommended a hearing aid to improve hearing and drown out the tinnitus. She didn't even remove the wax. My GP said it was negligent not to do further tests with unilateral tinnitus in case there was an acoustic neuroma. So I paid £200 to see another ENT doctor privately and another £100 when he used micro suction to remove the wax. So now he's referred me for a MRI scan and put me on the NHS waiting list, 6-8 weeks. He said that acoustic neuroma is rare but it needs to be done. He said that if it's clear at least I won't be worrying about the tinnitus. I also have balance problems but they relate to my peripheral neuropathy and loss of proprioception in my feet. But blocked ears don't help balance either! I reckon it's just another autoimmune thing I'm going to have to live with, unfortunately.

  • I hope all the tests go well . I get the feeling that this is all autoimmune related , although when I mentioned it to gp when i had vertigo she po pooed it , but from what i read it is a factor . I hope you have a lovely Easter 😀Apparently chocolate cures everything xx

  • you know my story of this WV....YES: now is the time to see ENT 👍👍👍👍


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