Surviving the school summer hols

DAY 2 & DAY 3

Well things are going OK, not too much fighting, shouting, screaming which can only be a good thing. I am very lucky to live in road that has a lovely green where all the children play out. My neighbours are great and we all keep an eye on each others children. I take my deckchair onto the green and just sit and watch the kids playing its lovely and reminds me of my childhood :)

My lupus (as far as I know) is under control by medication, although often i wish i could go back to my previous life Before Lupus (BL) !!

And so we go onto Day 4 - will the first week be OK ?

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I know how you feel about trying to have a calm summer holidays... kids can fight over what appears to be nothing... I think I can remember bickering with my sister. I also agree with life BL (before Lupus)!!!


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