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Urticaria Rash

Hi all, I was diagnosed with mild (luckily) Lupus a while ago and have only really suffered from the fatigue, migraines, some aches and pains and burning if I even look at the sun. Just over the last few days I have had some really funny things coming up on my skin. It looks like urticaria or hives and I get these really itchy raised red patches in different places and then the next day they go and come up somewhere else then disappear and come back again. I feel like someone is pricking me with little needles. Is this linked to the Lupus do you think, has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Hi Hun

Ask your doctor to prescribe the Anti histamine Fexofenadine Hydrochloride.This really will help you.

Itoo suffer terribly with what you describe,,i call it my prickly heat!Also if you get yourself an Aloe Vera plant(any good garden centre),,take the fleshy leave,,break it open and apply to cool sap to your skin,,it is sticky and gooey when wet but drys clear.This is very soothing and helps me a lot when the weather is hot!

Good luck,,and p.s,,as for being linked to Lupus,,i am unsure,,i was diagnosed last year and have had bad skin issues for 6years,,what does the dermatolagist think,,hey keep us up to date how you go on.




The dermatologist prescribed me a cream called Dundee coral pink,,was like cake icing terrible stuff!!Don't get that one,,i looked like some one had applied cake icing on me!! x


Thanks I will ask my GP about it. I found a really good suncream which is for sun intolerant skin factor 50+ which works really well. I used to love lying in the sun but now I can't even do the school run when its sunny without my face burning!! xx


Consult your doctors (Dermatologist / Rheumatologist) for Rx assistance.

If ignored scarring can occur. Best to avoid permanent damage.

An assortment of rashes are common unfortunately.

If very painful and blister like it could be shingles which requires immediate attention.

Avoid the sun when possible. Wear sunblock. Cover up. Use an umbrella to shield you if you are highly sensitive.

Some patients get relief with Arnica Gel. It acts as a vasodialator in subcutaneous blood capillaries. Think of the bumps as blockages due to inflammation ... the arnica gel opens up the blockage.


Nouska,,i will certainly look in to Arnica Gel,,,my skin in lots of areas of bumps with blockage,,think this why i get some many new spots all the time,,this present one very painful :(,,,,


Unfortunately the Lupus in my skin took 6 years to diagnose and i have much scarring,,legs are the worst,,skin problems started with Livedo=reticularis and went on to every type of DLE ,going :(At the mo i am nursing the biggest boil i have ever had and hoping the anti biotics will work soon.A wide brimmed hat when in the sun does help me.Hope you get some help soon.


Nouska - you are a complete font of knowledge! Enjoy reading your posts x x


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