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sharp pains shooting down the left side of my head

been up most of the night in pain, but having shooting pains down the left side of my head very intense then it goes away and comes back about an hour or 2 later, does anyone else get this, its not like the bad heads/migraines i usually get

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Possible causes: Migraine. Occipital Neuralgia. Trigeminal Neuralgia. Hypertension. Dehydration (easy peasy to drink more water just in case this is dehydration). Aneurysm. Stroke.

All no good. You have identified this is different than your normal migraine - which gives cause for concern.

There are simply too many potential causes for this pain to know how serious a matter this is.

As this symptom repeats and is severe ... best to get immediate medical attention leave nothing to chance.

Don’t ignore your symptoms. The potential for permanent damage exists. Don't delay. Best to be safe.

Take care of yourself. Be well.


Its sounds like a neuralgia I get this from time 2 time it is v painful hope ur feel in better :-) x


Thank you for your help, I am feeling a bit better at least in that type of head pain it was frightening and very painful. I shall be mentioning it to the Drs when i go next week and hope I never have this happen again.

Thank you x


hi i have been having them pains aswell. hurts a lot.tried to shout someone and it happened?. let me know if you find out anything please.

Im going have dentist xray soon.


Hi Tracy I am seeing the rhumy on monday so if he tells me anything I will let you know, but dont hold your breath as he never tells me much x


Where have we heard THAT before.......?


I used to get those sorts of pain but on my right side, I'm pretty sure it was a flash migraine which is different to normal migraine. But do get it checked out as I recently have been having funny sensations on the left side of my face and suddenly lost some hearing in my left ear, the Ent people have treated it very seriously and I had to have 5 days of a high steroid dose and an MRI Scan am now waiting for an appointment to find out the results and what they think it is!


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