I did it !!!!!!!

Well after suffering the past week with really bad panic attacks, a friend suggested some light exercise to get the " happy" vibes back. And I did it today. I managed to leave the house on my own and walk to my local shop. Was only out for about 15 minutes but I feel so proud of myself. Let's hope I can continue and try a little longer every day. YEAH!!!

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  • Well done!!

  • Well done great news x


  • Yay...way to go!

  • Well done you! x

  • Good on you claire, keep it up! xo

  • Thanks everyone xx

  • Excellent news,keep up the good work,your friend's advice was great,I'm not mych into excersise,ha ha, but it definatley gives you the feel good factor even in small doses.

    Take care,Sandy.

  • Well done you are so brave,take 1 day at the time

    Love & Sunshine


  • well done its hard but worth it

  • High Five!!

    I often feel anxious an panicky and I too find that going out for a walk can really help. It's hard to leave the house, but once I'm out I'm always so pleased with myself. Moving our bodies is so good for us. Well done you :-)

  • Well done Claire....My son has suffered really badly with these for several years and ended up needing help from a support group. Its been a long hard road for him..and for me to have to see him in such distress BUT he's getting there. Keep on, its lovely to read about someone taking such good advice xxx

  • i have to agree even a five minute walk or walk outside around the house 10 times it definitely does something - i love dat feel good factor - but i hate the though og getting up to do it

    keep up good work and keep the rest of us motivated clairebear

    i might even do it myself


  • Hello Clairebear.

    It is Day 2. I hope you have continued your NEW daily routine of a short walk about.

    Just put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking free and easy.


    May you carry on strong. On on on...

  • Thanks Nouska

    Yes day two and all is going well. Managed another walk today and spent a little longer out. Thanks for your positive encouragement xx

  • well done, long may it continue xx

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