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Over did it again


Why can't I learn to pace myself? Grrr.

Have returned to work and Rheumie told me not to go from 'zero to hero' and make sure i have rest every evening but tonight i just could not stick the state of the kitchen. In the time I've been away my flatmates have created a god awful yucky mess and I just couldn't live in it. Cue an hour and a half vigorous cleaning after a full days work.

I didn't just clean and tidy. Oh no i had to pull all the fridge out and clean the shelves, wipe the walls down etc etc. at the time i felt great and was glad i was getting it done and in the back of my mind i was thinking 'well it doesn't hurt yet so i can carry on'. Within 5 minutes of sitting down i was in excruciating pain. Got into bed and was wriggling around and moaning in agony.

Still awake now as pain still going strong. I'm such an idiot and now ill pay for it tomorrow with lack of sleep.

Sooooo frustrated with lupus but more with myself - why did i have to push it? Grrrrrrrrrr.

Hope you fellow Lupies are all tucked up in bed asleep :-)

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if you have any strong pain meds now id the time to take them. I'm just the same and always overdo it.

You are not alone, I think it is a trait many of us have is to do too much when we feel able. We so want to feel 'normal', and rushing around living a really busy lifestyle is one of the things I miss so much.

It is difficult to relearn and to change what is our natural reaction, in your case to clean a dirty space.

on the plus side, you now have a clean kitchen and maybe your housemates will be a little more thoughtful in the future.

Hope you don't suffer the consequences any longer and take it more easy today.


Oh no. :( So sorry this has happened. I'm the same. I get high on adrenaline to get something done, sit down and then promptly get very drowsy and my joints start to ache. I take amitriptyline to help with the pain at night, but that can only do so much. :(

Take it easy over the next few days, if that's possible.xx

I make a list of what I need to do, it makes me feel that I have done half the jobs already.

Pick out the important ones first eg risk of salmonella divide the rest into days and if you don't feel well enough to do it, on that day leave it to the next.

Works for me anyway,you could try and divide the jobs between your house mates

Good luck, hope you feel better soon

Looks like most of us do the same as you, I know I do, It is a trick of the mind when there is no pain, it tells your 'body' you are OK, it is not untill you have 'finished' that your 'body' says "You should not have done that to me, Now you Pay".

Hope you soon feel better - Don't listen to the brain - listen to the body.xxx

That's sound advice......I will remember this one. Yes I agree we all do it and I guess it makes us learn from it, even though it seems a cruel way to have to learn x

Thanks guys. I didn't end up getting to sleep until gone 1am so am v tired today. Rest of flat needs a good clean but am going to put that off til tomorrow and make myself go to bed as soon as I get home from court. Xx

(I should add that it's not my own court case I'm a solicitor ;-) )

Pacing is sooo difficult isn't it? Sometimes I pace so well I hardly do anything and feel like life is passing me by and wonder if I am just being lazy, other times I feel good so go at it even beyond the point when I know I have reached my limit because it feels so good to be achieving things and other times , like last week, I planted three bulbs in a pot and felt like I had climbed Mount Everest and have been scared to do much ever since - or am I just being a couch potato?. Next week is a shocking week for me workwise - five very very full days down in London and I am already anxious about what the impact will be . I am psychologically saving my 'spoons' up this week but I don't think it really works like that does it?!

Loopylooby in reply to JudeeB

I can identify with this so much! When I'm saving my spoons I feel lazy :-(

Work are being good about it as my stress levels have totally been reduced but the downside is I'm travelling more.

mstr in reply to JudeeB

You have said exactly how I feel, some days too I think can I be doing more. I am always asking if it is enough. Could I be going back to work now etc. I think fear is the biggest thing too as we get frightened of doing too much and the impact it then has. Also I think our family get used to us doing less and mine don't want me to do too much. Whilst this is kind I often feel wrapped up in cotton wool and it's so hard to going from a fast paced life to a much slower pace. It's something I think we all struggle with.

I think if you have OCD tendencies like me, lupus makes it worse. Or vice versa. Even when I am completely exhausted I can't settle until I've washed those dishes sitting in the sink, or put the washing out. The rational half of my brain is saying 'why now, just go to bed & do it when you've rested.' But something drives me beyond my limits of endurance, & that's when I get so crabby, lookout hubby!

But seriously, I think adrenaline plays a part too.

Sorry I laughed when I saw this, I am exactly the same!!!! I'm not as severe with the painful kick backs but when I start cleaning, it's all or nothing!

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