Did I have a stroke

I'm on high BP and cholesterol. Medication, Sunday my head was thumping and my BP was 180/108 heart rate 98 I felt like I could not breath, I

woke Monday morning not able to move my fight side the pain was so bad I could hardly pick my phone up to call the doctors, an ambulance came in hospital they gave me morphine and did tests said my heart was ok, and told me to make my way home, I asked them about the pain and,numbness and pins and needles I was still getting and I was told they don't know, it's now Thursday and I finally got to see my doctor. As the pain is,still there and does cone and go but there more often than not, I feel like I been the dentist on my right side when I talk yet I looked in the mirror. And my date looks ok

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  • Sounds exactly like a stroke. Wow. Negligent hospital. I was admitted for same for a week. No Ct scan of head? Did they carry out full neurological assesment? I think your gp will be horrified. But mainly I hope thatvyou start to feel better very soon xx

  • I believe you may have, I have had 3 mini strokes and they are terrifying. I know they say they are over in 24 hrs but you still have minor things going on for a long time like word confusion and discomfort on the side it happened. I didn't realise the first one just thought I wasn't well, the second I went to hospital it was worse they did a ct scan but showed nothing so did an MRI and it showed up 2 lesions. Had another one since and have been put on a different drug. You need to be taken serious and put on drugs to stop this happening again. Get your doctor to refer you to a stroke doctor. When I was in casualty they were going to send me home saying it was something else but I had my daughter with me who is a nurse and she told them to ask someone senior. Good job they did. Take care I really understand how you are feeling. Hugs to you. Xx

  • Insist on seeing a stroke doctor or even a neurologist + insist on CT and/or MRI. People with TIA are more likely to have a full blown stroke. Could just be horrendous headache but better to get some answers now so that you can make life style adjustments if appropriate.

  • Wow, so sorry they did not do a full range of tests. I was very lucky. I had a stroke on March 1st that affected my speech and took me almost two months to where I could be understood and now regained most speech with some garbled esp when I'm tired. I went directly to the ER when I noticed signs of stroke-ie. lack of speech drooping on right side of mouth, numbness in right arm. ER-part of a major med ctr nr my home in NYC was a designated stroke ctr (didn't know that). They did a full range of tests and I was told I had a stroke. Then dx with APS and lupus factors--still being tested for full lupus. I do believe, however, that I had stroke ?activity weeks before with a headache that almost took my head off. I now am on plaquenil and Warfarin and lipitor which doesn't agree with me. I think CT scans and an MRI, which I had, has to be done along with blood tests and full neuro eval to ascertain stroke activity. I was told I had a cardiac embolism that went to my brain. I honestly don't know how they can specifically tell that. I wish you well and all I can say is fight for good care. Try to insist on proper tests. This stroke has made me more assertive but it does get tiring.

  • That sounds so bad I bet you were scared witless I don't think any of us really know what a stroke is till we have one but its one thing I never want. My friend had a stroke she has made a fantastic recovery and I hope your well soon. xx

  • Thank you everyone for sharing and wishing me well, it's now Friday morning I went to the doctor yesterdsy who informed they should have performed. A ct scan there and then she has referred me for one and also two other scan one on my right hand side of my body and a Doppler , although she also said because of the lapse in time it may not show I had a stroke, given my symptoms she fells it's either a mini stroke or if not something else is definitely going on in my brain, she has signed me off work for 3 months, this morning I feel like I'm talking with a lisp iv taken my BP which is 176/101 and 102 bpm, if it has not slowed down with in the next 2 hours I shall be calling the doctors again, I also have severe pain in my neck, shoulder and hip Thnx again I will keep u up to date, by the way I'm in Australia but used to live in the UK

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