Chemicals = flare!?

Help required..

Having discovered from fellow bloggers yesterday that Titanium Dioxide MAY be the cause of my recent flare, I'd like to throw my net wide and ask if any of you Lupies have found other chemical to be the cause of your flare. I used a teeth whitening kit last week which has floored me,I've since found out that my Nivea sun block contains it too. I've just found a site called the Green Stop (and no i don't work for them) that sells sunblock without Titanium Peroxide in. I've also found a few research papers that suggest these nano particles may cause inflammatory responses.

I realise we're all different with different triggers but I don't know where to start with the chemical list and would like a chance to explore your experiences first. I'm hoping this knowledge will then lead me onto my own chemical causes. Has any one found certain cosmetics or cleaning products containing 'specific' chemicals to cause a flare? I want to start experimenting and maybe even go a bit greener!

Your help would be much appreciated



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15 Replies

  • I do know that sulphates can be a big problem for many of us and discovered that some nail varnish contains them, i too avoid creams with titanium dioxide, however it is hard as many sun creams/blocks contain it.

  • That's a great start thanks. I've just noticed my shampoo is sulphate free, it's from the Bed Head range. I'll start hunting for sulphates around the house.

    Cheers x

  • I've just noticed that my both my organic sun creams have titanium dioxide in them!! Greenpeople factor25 and Yaoh organic hempseed sunblock factor30. I am very concerned about this as I smother myself in these creams at least twice a day! So these are nano-particles?? And they can cause inflammation?? I thought I was doing well by choosing good quality organic creams with less chemicals.

    Not good news. :-(

  • There's no specific link I've found between Lupus and Titanium Dioxide so at this stage it is only speculation from my own experience. But I think it can't help to rid my life of chemicals. Try the website I suggested for sunblock.


  • Hi Alison. What a good idea to start your own research project! It should be interesting to see what people come up with. I'm still waiting for Dermo appt and am hoping there is an available blood test for meta ls allergy. Will keep you posted. Beth.

  • That's a great idea Beth. I'm wondering if my Rhuemy will send me for an allergy test. Titanium Dioxide is a mineral (not good at chemistry!) so I'll look into that too.

    Let me know how you get on.


  • I've just found that my steroids contain titanium dioxide too. There's no getting away from it for the foreseeable future! I have to ask why they would put something that is potentially inflammatory in an anti-inflammatory medication?? it would be great to know some facts about this mineral..

  • Yes that's thrown my theory off course a bit. I've upped my steroids over the last few days to carry me through this flare and as predicted I'm feeling less fatigued. Very breathless though and getting worse. But like I said, it's only based on my personal circumstances that this Titanium May be a trigger, I need to delve a bit deeper first before coming to a viable conclusion. It possibly may be other factors that's triggered off my flare this time. (currently considering menstrual cycle!) I'm very interested in getting some facts about Titanium too but bit tied up with night shifts at the moment. I did find some sun block in Morrisons today that doesn't contain Titanium if you're concerned. The clear sunblock sprays by Nivea and Morrisons are free from this mineral, although I'm not sure if the replacement is any more harmful. Thought you might like to know.

    I think this whole issue needs considered research and Rhuemy advice but will let you know if I discover anything.

    Ali x

  • Hi Alison, thanks for the Greenstop ref. have ordered the sunscreen and the self tan just in case! Beth

  • Ooh, I didn't see the self tan! Best have a look!. The sunscreen is lovely and it doesn't sting my little girls eyes or taste horrid either!

    Reply to this

  • (I'm not telling you to 'reply to this!' my iPhone is wonky! :-/

  • Hi Alison, thought I'd update you on the Titanium saga! I've now seen 2 Dermo's who have told me that Tit' Di' is known to cause rashes/ irritation when in suncream and other topical applications but is 'inert' when digested.

    The general view is that it is the Hydroxy itself causing my itching tho' my Rheumy told me that was not possible. I haven't taken it for nearly 3 months and the itching has stopped but of course I've had numerous flares treated with short courses of Prednisone which don't contain the Ti' Di'. Of course when you google it there are numerous reports that the Hydroxy does cause itching.

    So it feels like I've had 3 months of flares for something that could have been accepted on the history I gave without all the hanging around for Dermo opinions. See the Rheumy beg October so it will be interesting to see what he prescribes now.

    I still keep away from any thing containing Titanium as I tried a bath foam that caused some irritation during this time, and I really can't see benefit from having a metal in anything we swallow! Good for the drug/beauty product producers I guess!

    Hope you're well, regards, Beth. PS it's the Bronzing Custard I've used, lovely.

  • My 'Aloe Pura' organic sun screen with 99.9% aloe vera also has titanium dioxide. But I haven't had any problems with it.

    I have been trying to eliminate chemicals as well, I use Weleda deodorant and Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner. I'm just looking at it as trying to stay as healthy as I can!

  • Thank you for your input. I've started to look into natural house cleaners now. I've stopped buying the chemical ridden cleaners and now trying to find old fashioned remedies. Not as affective but fun all the same!!

  • hi everyone. here in s.a i found a spf50 sunscreen spray for us with lupus. it contains no titanium dioxide. it sprays on and it works wonders. i sprayd some on and had the luck for sitting outside for the first time in a while without my skin feeling like the sun is right against it. its a ultra defense sensitive spray. i found it at our chemist called dischem. if here is other south africans they can go and check it out. have a great week all.

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