Housing !

I am going through a really bad patch with my OH and in the back of my mind i worry about housing , should we ever split up.

I do own half the house but as its not enough to buy anywhere so i suppose i would privately rent till the money runs out .

But, then what !!!!???

My question is , would the council help me when i can no longer afford the rent !!??

I would like to know what my chances are , then , for social housing !? I would like to be as secure as i can be without the worry of being kicked out by a private landlord when a lease is up.

I have fibromyalgia and i am being treated for lupus but as yet not a 100% diagnosis .

I have 2 children , a son 19yrs and daughter 16yrs .

This may never happen but i havent a clue of how the housing works.

I wish i never had this house and feel a bit trapped.

Being ill and sruggerling to work part time is enough to deal with so if anybody can offer any knowledge i would greatly appreciate it x

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Hi Larissa

I am sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. It may be an idea to ring the council and ask for the housing benefit dept and there will be someone who can answer your questions. At least you will know the options should you need help. It is bad enough being ill without further stress and concerns. Good Luck x


There are Housing Associations out there that will help you have to put your name down and go on the list it is done in a points system to were you will start on the list. but as it may not happen read this.

Worrying is a waste of time,

It doesn't change anything.

It messes with your mind,

And steals your HAPPINESS.

I have this by my desk and I read if often.

Love & Sunshine



Larissa... speak to your local citizens advice, thats what ive done, they are coming to an appointment at the housing office for me, i have Lupus and RA amongst other things to numerous to mention (lol)... i can take a while to get sorted, at one point i was told i would only be housed when my house was up for re possesion... but im exploring all the options at the moment i hope it goes well for you x


Social Housing is based on need which it categorised by a points system. Since you have your own property where you live right now unfortunately you would not be seen as a priority.

You would usually have to be declared homeless or have domestic violence issues where your life is in danger. Alternatiely you can sometinmes get priority based on medical grounds which I did when I got kidney failue and had to quit work. This meant being unable to pay my private landlord and I was re-housed into a housing association property based on my medical needs.This took approx 15 months, where I had to bid for houses suited to me as they became availbale.

Its a very complicated system. All the best x


My advice to you is to talk to the CAB, they are amazing and can point you in the right direction. That is what they are there for, and it wont cost you anything.

Good luck


larissa ,

also worth trying your mp mine intervined got my appoinment with a housing social worker as i needed a groung floor flat on medical grounds no more stairs. was re housed in a year in a hard to get area get supporting letter off GP and MP worked for me. both supported me case. also had significant nieghbour problems at my old address that were deterorating my health which was one of the reasons i got a property so quickly.

but better to get on the list sooner than later if your circumstances health changes get reassesed see if you points go up. dont give up it is possible


thanks everyone x


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