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Why is it that when i start to feel unwell eg dizzy, brain fog ect my face goes so hot and flushed !!!??? Went

to sainsburys after work, after having really low energy ect all day and felt so spaced out !!!! Hate feeling crap!!!!

Even tempted to not go in to work tomorrow as my legs are really playing up and walking like a snail most of the day !!!!!!!!!!!

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hello larissa

yes my legs are still playing up and have had to have a day on couch with kindle and tv (i hate being layed up due to lupus) i can get spaced out when i have a lot to think about, even when i have to do a big food shop where i need to think i get dizzy well not dizzy but spacey does that make sence?

i have also been feeling crap which makes me tearful and then angry and then exhausted. sorry just feeling sorry for myself as achy legs are driving me made mad not been getting much sleep either.

i don t get hot flush unless i have the dreaded face rash which feels hot.

just wondering how long you been on hydroxy as im hoping in time hydroxy will help with my painful thighs because if i didn t have them as often as i do i think i could cope with this lupus thing better!!!!




hi im on hydroxy and it took about 2 to 3 mths to work and i find it great even tou im now having to take another pain killer as well ,so soon you should start benifiting from it hun so chin up xx


Hi Debs,

You make perfect sense !!!!!

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself too and sometimes have a good cry!!!!

I thought that maybe this hot flush was the start of the rash cause my face felt like it was almost on fire it was so hot !!!! I havent had the facial rash as yet fingers crossed !

I,ve been on hydroxy for about a month and a half and havent really noticed a difference as yet, but hoping !!!!!!

Also, i was rubbish at work today ! forgetting names and making silly mistakes , nothing dire , but its really hard trying to focus and my organisasional skills go out the window ! hate it , makes me feel like i have a spotlight on me!Iwant to shout to the parents ( i work in a preschool) " i have brain fog excuse me !!!!!! "

How long have you been on hydroxy ? any im provements ? I take 400mg a day

Lara xx


hi larissa

i too used to work as a TA in a primary sch before i had so much time off due to lupus(didnt know at the time) i felt really guilty as they had to keep getting cover for me so i gave it up last xmas, i only worked part time but even so i really miss the kids (not the parents ha ha)and the money but i must say it has taken so much pressure off and my stress levels are better, it must be hard going to work when you feel so crappy.

my facial rash always starts off slow then gets worse by getting hotter just like you would if you got sun burn lucky for me it does not blister just gets very red and sore then very dry needs lots of cream and then it slowly fades usually takes about a week and i hate it!!!!!!!

i was put on hydroxy in feb took it for a week and had to come off due to bad stomach so went to rheumy last week and he said try planquinel not quinorox and see if i fair better, so far so good but im only on 200mg a day until i get used to it.

he said to just take ibprofen if pain is bad i do really hope hydroxy helps as i don t know how i will cope with having pain for the rest of my life.

just not having a good day!!

hope you have a better day tommorrow keep in touch





I was also a teaching assistant and used to forget the childrens and the teachers names even though I worked with them every day. I also used to forget on a bad day what I had been asked to do. How embarrasing.

I used to be exhausted by lunchtime. I have Discoid Lupus (waiting to see Rhemy) because of a host of ailments which I didn't know could all be connected until I recently contacted Lupus UK.

I had difficulty controlling my skin rash when I worked because as you know you are outside quite a lot in this job (I did cut down my outside activities, my school was great) The winter before last my skin became bad I had my regular dermy appointment and was told it had flared probably due to the ultra violet rays reflecting off the snow.

That was it, now I can't go out in the sun or out in the snow !!!!!

Thank God it didn't snow this year. I eventually gave up my job and now work with my husband, I am one of the lucky ones when I am not feeling too good I am able to take it easy.


Hi larissa

I get a flush when the disease is becoming active -most usually after exposure to UV light at any time of year I get a burning red face, then I feel rather flu-like and all the other pains increase. I don't usually get a face rash, though I've had a couple.

Dizziness and brain fog are part of the flare usually too -I get to a point where I can't finish a sentence!! And I write everything down so that I don't space out when trying to do shopping and stuff in town... I don't know what I'd do with out my lists!!

Feeling crap is awful if you have to go to work. I think it takes a lot of strength to keep going when you are in a flare, and sometimes I think it's just our body's way of saying 'PLEASE STOP!". I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I'm flaring at the mo too and taking it very slowly (I work from home, so I often do what I can in bed!!).

Take care


Our bodies talk ... and we must listen.

Feeling wonky? Do what ever it is to give yourself comfort (search for it find it and embrace it as there is relief within it which is a blessing).

Yes it is a bother. A massive bother.

Best to focus on the positive bits and forgive the negative bits. We are as we are.

I 'hear' you I do. Sainsbury's has had that effect on me too (even in the AM). The harsh glare of the lighting and the various smells inflame and already inflammatory situation too.

Be careful out there. Pace yourself. Life with lupus is NOT a sprint ... is it a marathon. Slow down when you must.

Please take care.


ahhhh very good advice ! thankyou all , much love xxxxxxxxx


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