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I thought sitting would be easy?


So I have started my new office job, I consider myself lucky as I got through my initial flare and things have calmed down enough for me to be able to half function like a human, I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with their backs? I have muscle and joint pain everywhere all the time but since I started my new job, where I have been sat down all day in a contact centre, in what they call an "8 hour chair" (which even normal people find uncomfortable) my workplace have offered me help with a back support ect.. but I am still struggling this is the second time my back muscles have gone into spasms in the 4 weeks I have been there, I thought a sitting down job would be easier and less tiring but now there is this to contend with. anyone have any advice I really want to stay in work, any advice or story's from similar situations?

Many Thanks Shay xXx

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I was a policy and research officer and for years I have struggled with my lupus and the pain of just sitting for long periods of time, my legs would goin to spasm the pain was so intense I had to just walk around for twenty minutes to ease the pain, this happened daily until my neck problems started c4 c5 vertebra. It's gotten too much for me and I am now going through the ill health Retiement process as I can no longer deal with the pain from lupus and this slipped disc. I decided that my life is too short I need to spend valuable time with my family instead of being in constant pain at work.

Sooner or late we al have to make a descion about quality of life issues but hey thats me. I hope

They supply you with a decent a chair and I had a foot rest that helped. See what works for you but do not suffer in silence get more support from your management like working from home.

Good luck and office hugs for you Luppychick x


My last job was office based and made redundant at the end of Oct 12, I must admit I was l lucky and didn't have to manyback problems. It might be worth you talking to your employer and explain the problem ( if you haven't already) and ask them if they would be happy for you to contact Access to Work - various web sites all good, Yes there is form filling to be done ( but when isn't there) they will arrange for someone to come in and carry out a very comphresenive work station assesment, and come up with possible solutions ie, special chairs / key boards / computor mouse /

It is a very slow process, got as far as the compnay ordering two different key boards and a different mouse and even pens to use after the access to work recomendation,

but then I was made redundant so never got the benefit of trying the new things.

Might be worth giving it a go


Hi Shay1,

If you're working for a reasonable sized organisation it is likely that they have their own Occupational Health staff. Have a word with your manager, or with Human resources if there is a department and try to arrange an assessment. They may be able to help by providing you with different equipment and furniture, they may be able to give you tips on exercises etc that can help, or they may suggest breaks to help you manage.

If you want more information about how your workplace may be able to help. Please send me an email at


Hi Shay

Sorry for the late reply, I see this was a few days ago. I work in a call center and my company is working with OHS and Access to work. I have been given this new fancy space age chair and mouse and key board as well as wrist rests. I havent used them yet as Im sick at the moment.

I do struggle sitting every day, the muscles in my shoulders spasm and I end up in agony. I also notice that my knees seize up and I cannot walk.

My company have been very supportive but I am unfortunately more off sick than at work!! so I may be medically retired soon too.

I am also struggling with DLA as they say low care is all I am entitled to. :(


Thanks for answering my question, I appreciate everyone who answers no matter when. Its nice to be able to relate, when I have never met anyone else with Lupus, so I find it comforting in a strange way.

Yeah I have only been in my job a month at my contact centre, im 21 the docs have managed to relax the muscle spasms, but now im on pain medication for the nerves in my back, I am really worried I want a career more than anything and I am feeling so angry, I am trying to accept I have lupus!

I couldn't do my hairdressing job of standing for 9 hours a day and using my hands, so I finally get a chance for a company to take me on with my illness, and now I have found out I cannot even sit down!!

I am so angry and upset I just flipped out at one point and I am a lovely person.. its so unlike me.. :( Good news is I have got Access to work coming out to my work place next week hopefully that will help.. any advice for what I need to explain to them? xx


Tell them you struggle with your hands, they will recommend all kinds of gadgets for you (like for me) mention sitting for any length of time and the pain in your back because of the chair. My new chair has memory foam and all sorts in it - havent tried it so dont know if it will help. Just mention all pains you incur from working. I was getting shooting pains in my hands from typing so I have a split keyboard.

And Paul is right you should ask for an ohs referral. they are external doctors that you are sent to. They will assess your needs and report back to your employer.

I know it is difficult but I try and remember that it will get better!! :)


the company have to do what is called reasonable adjusstment for you

The workstation has to be assessed and correct levels for you

also it is good to move about ever half hour get up and walk a little bit or you will stiffen up

do not slump at the work station cross your legs keep you back mussles working.

hope this is of use

oh and the other thing is if you need any special equipment the company can claim money for that equipment fo you.


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