Hi how can i appeal my ESA?

Ive diagnosed 7 years ago never stopped working since last year October!! Unfurtunately my condition get worse felt tired depressed cant concentrate my work anymore!! Since then been on ESA and went medical examine they told my im not entitle to ESA this decision make me mad and angry! If i was fit enough i prefer go work instead ill depressed this lupus!!!!!!!!!!!! Heeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppp PLEASE thanks :(

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  • I know how you feel, the way this goverment and attos are treating disabled and sick people is appaling. They treat us like we are all scroungers. If only they could understand how much we would like to work, but can't because of the impact this illness has on our daily lives. I appealed the DWP decision with regards to esa and won my appeal. I found the information on the benefits and works web site (www.benefitsandwork.co.uk) and Lupus website (www.lupusuk.org.uk) very helpful with my appeal, they outline all the steps you need to take in your appeal. It is also advisable to talk to someone at your local citizen advice bureau, they will be able to help you through the process.

    all the best.

  • thanks for your answer im very greatfull

  • I have been told I don't qualify for esa payments but can have my stamp paid. I have an appointment with atos next Monday and am not looking forward to it. I also gave up work last Sept feeling I was no longer able to cope and lived off savings until Jan this year when I thought maybe I could try working part time so contacted the job center for advice on type of job i could do. They signed me on and I was getting JSA until I seen the disability works advisor who said I am unfit for work

    She then said I needed to go on the sick and would get ESA to everyone's suprise I was told no. I was also told as my husband is working not to bother applying on his contributions either so am very confused on what to do. I haven't appealed and am not sure if I should or not I found trying to make sence of the system to confusing and stressful especially as the people in the DWP can't understand what's going on and even to this day say I should be getting the payments. I am not sure how long we have to appeal in, I was given advice to go for DLA so am now in process of doing those form. I too feel angry about the way the government treat honest hard working folk who have through no fault of their own fallen ill.

    Sorry for the rant and good luck with your appeal xx

  • I have recently been denied ESA after being on it since 2005. I have appealed against the decision, but whilst appealing , the DWP have stopped all of my money. I haven't received any money for 2 weeks. The DWP told me that i had to go to my doctor to get a sick note to say that i was unfit for work. Phoned the DWP this morning they haven't received my sicknote. meanwhile i have no money to pay for anything. i live on my own so it is very hard. The housing benefit when i spoke to them said they will only pay my rent until 21 april as they haven't made a decision. DWP when appealing against one of their decisions don't tell you that they stop all benefits when you disagree with them. They make it very hard for claimants,especially sick people who have no support. You need to go to the doctor to get a sick note otherwise you won't get any money whilst you are appealing. I found out the hard way. Good Luck.

  • Dont know if this will be of any help to you but my brother told me about a charitable organisation called Turn2us. I have not had dealings with them myself but may be worth investigating if they can be of any assistance to you.

  • Thanks prescilla i will try it out.

  • You could try contacting your council and ask if they have a welfare officer. My husband contacted ours when he needed to appeal,they were wonderful and of course won it for him! Good luck sandwiches :)

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