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raising lupus awareness

Hi guys. 45 years old, lupus since 1999, transplant neede thanks to lupus.

Nearest specialits for me 300 miles away in london, trying to raise awareness with my daughter and here friens.

NEW WEBSITE to visit ;

vids, posts, real time chat room coming soon, questions, answera, tips, hints.....

fun side with a serious message.

interview on radio cornwall this week, hope to have secrued tv interview with top london specialist.

Fundraising going on.. help us to help everyone with lupus, visit us, follow us, tweet us... support us PLEASE, no money required.....unless you wish to donate. Thank you.

Ladies... make up tips!!!! lol

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good luck


Great work girls!

Your mum must be very proud and she is lucky to have her daughter and friends help, support and fight this illness.

Wishing you huge success in your task.

Best wishes

Yols xx


Thank you so much for your thoughts and best wishes.

Please feel free to comment, leave me messages, post on the site.

Keep in touch, talk to us, send funny pics, poems, blogs, news articles, anything that you think might help with the battle against ignorance.

Thank you again.

Have a wonderful day as best you all can.

Take care

Mandy. xx


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