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Hi all,sorry i,ve not been on here for a while,for those of you that don,t know i,m not a lupus sufferer but my mother was but after a long illness last year we sadly lost her,i,m fundraising for lupus uk i,ve done two sponsored walks last year i organised one from blackpool to preston,twelvw of us took part and we managed to raise just over two thousand pounds for lupus uk,just recently i took part in a sponsored walk my brother organised and i managed to do 22 miles,forty of us walked this time the money is being splt between two charities lupus uk and st catherines hospice,and at moment before i finalise all the details for my next event in october i am raising awareness by contacting as many magazines as i can to ask them if they,ll be prepared to run a feature about lupus and the affects it has on the sufferer and family x

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So sorry to hear of your loss. So proud of you and your brother to ck Tony's helping people who suffer from lupus. It has affected you in the worse possible way and I personally want to thank you and your family for supporting lupies like me! Thankyou x



so sorry to hear of your loss but so inspired by your effort and support for us lupies well done i will be thinking of you in october for your next event,and if you do get a magazine deal for a story that would be fantastic and i would love to read it,so please let us know here if you are successful.

well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So sorry to hear of your loss and thanks for the great things you are doing,more grease to your elbows. It must have been really hard seeing your mum go through life in pain. If you would need people for interview when your contacts with magazines come through I'm up for it.I was also thinking in this line, for us to go wide just like cancer research UK.Great job so far LUPUS UK


thanks all,mum being ill and her death hit me so hard my first sponsored walk was in memory of mum,but the more i heard and read about lupus really touched my heart and i will continue to do as much as i can for as long as my health lets me,big hugs to all you lupies x


bless you x x


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