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Biopsy results :(

well got my biopsy results yesterday not great news there infected so i have to have an iv drip every 2 weeks for the next 3 months im so sick of this lupus crap at the moment... im a strong person i dont usually let things get me down but ive had enough now i was also told my lupus is highly active at the moment i didnt really need him to tell me that trust me i already knew . sorry to rant i just feel defeated at the moment but i will snap out of it ... lupus may win the fight for a few days but its not going to win the war xx

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Keep going Girl and you will win the War


Hope you feel better soon. Keep your chin up :-)


Main thing to try to stay positive, the book "Mind over pain" helped me. At present i am just recovering from a displaced elbow and torn ligaments in shoulder following a fall, second fall affected my foot, was told at A & E just a sprain, a week later and in agony found there is a fracture and torn ligaments in heel, 6 weeks non weight bearing will drive me nuts. joke was they were going to give me crutches, a zimmer frame and a bad arm dont go together either. have managed to borrow a wheelchair so at least can be taken out. My biggest fear in all this is eventually losing my independence. You seem to be a very strong person with the right attitude but just remember you are human and there are times when you are allowed to rant and rave and feel down, I dont think I have ever sworn as much as I have this last 2 weeks.


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