Do you have problems healing?

I had a skin graft in January due to a malignant melanoma (possibly linked to MMF) and the donor site is refusing to heal. I am 8 weeks post op and the nurses in the plastics clinic have tried everything they can think of. Does anyone have any suggestions please? I am fed up with having a dressing on my leg, not to mention the pain! Thanks x

I am seeing my Plastic Surgeon next week to see if he can come up with a plan...........

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i heal more slowly but have never been in your situation but my ops scard always take longer to heal and are in a right mess when they do. but they always heal eventually sometimes 12 weeks. have they made sure your not aneamic? if that is corrected it may help. also sleep and a well balanced diet.

hope the plastic sergoen come up with something. good luck


Thanks Tatty. That's good thought about the anemia - I will mention it when I see the plastic surgeon. Strangely, when I went for a blood test at my GPs yesterday, the nurse said she had been looking at my notes and was the blood test for vit for B12- which it wasn't - it was to check my thyroid function. I wonder if I am B12 deficient..............


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