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Healing cuts when you have lupus and are taking steroids

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Hi there

I have had lupus for 4 weeks and am on high dosage of steroids.

I had minor surgery just before I was diagnosed and my small incisions are not healing! Is this normal? Does anyone have any suggestions to help healing

Is this the steroids or the lupus

Please help

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I’m going to guess it’s the steroids? You probably are on steroids to calm down your autoimmune, and your autoimmune may be so chill it isn’t fighting any invaders coming it’s way.

Having said that, I suggest calling your doctor ASAP and asking. They’ll know what’s going on and the best thing to do about it. Mine is just a guess. Best of luck🙏.

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Thank you think I will do that

I think you need to check in with your GP

Thank you I think I will do that

Hey... It's definitely the steroids. Contact ur doc ASAP...

In the same situation, in the past, I had been denied my laproscopic surgery by my nephro. M due for the same this 16th Dec when the steroids dose is at 7.5mg every alternate days... Hope that all goes well.

Please take medical advice . I have a consultant for my lupus. If you have one he's the one you want to talk to. Steroids are strange things. Good luck

Just a comment about your statement "I have had lupus for 4 weeks..." If you are anything like me, you have had lupus for a lot longer, but it was only diagnosed 4 weeks ago. I was diagnosed in September, but as I look back, I can see indications of lupus way back, in that I have always been very sensitive to sunlight, have had days when I have had to cancel activities because of deep-down tiredness, have had sores on my head and in my mouth over a period of time, and have had trouble deep breathing for several year. It took the inability to walk, raise my arms, and sleep and my demand that I be referred to a pain management doctor, then a rheumatologist, and finally, an orthopedic surgeon to get down to the bottom of things. So, I would say that we have both had lupus for a long time, but we were not diagnosed.

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catblue1865 in reply to lowraind

Hi, I was thinking the same, (I've not been diagnosed with lupus) but had bad sensitivity to sunlight for over 30 years, sometimes better and worse but first symptom of whatever it is. Would you say that your syn sensitivity triggered your other symptoms?

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I really do not know what triggered what. I do know that, at one point, I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rheumatica and then the rheumatologist moved out of the area and the next one I saw was a very poor excuse for a doctor and finally fired me as a patient. I have also had osteoarthritis for many years, and at one point, was diagnosed with lichen planus. At the time I knew nothing about autoimmune diseases. Then, a little over two years ago, when I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, I remember the doctor saying that it was not lupus. Surprise, nearly two years later, it is!

Sorry I was probably supposed to reply to first person posting, haven't quite got the hang of this site yet, anyway sounds pretty bad agree with others about contacting g. P urgently

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