Wound healing problems

Hi all, I recently had a really big abcess under my arm removed surgically, it's been 4 weeks of having it cleaned and re packed every day I'm just wondering if anybody has had simular problems with slow healing? Any help would be appreciated as I just don't understand why it hasn't already healed after 4 week...

Thankyou in advance, jo xx

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  • I do have lupus by the way, forgot to write that in x

  • Don't want to disappoint you but I have had an ulcer on my leg for 10 yrs and it's still not healed.

  • Hi jojom

    I have found any cuts or bruises take a lot longer to heal now, not sure if it's the steroids or just our lousy immune system that causes it. X

  • Hi Jo

    I had an op two years ago they were little scars fortunately but they they took 12 weeks to close completely and i have been left with 2mm wide purple scars of course I am in no way saying that this will happen to you but the healing process can sometimes be abit slower.

    Best Wishes Julie x

  • Thankyou all for your reply, just trying to find our as much as I can as I didn't find anything useful on the Internet, thankyou again appreciate it xx

  • I had a hip replacement 3 years ago and I still cannot put pressure on the scar. It has healed on the surface ok but not through the layers.

  • Yuck. I had a similar thing in my armpit. It was 9cm across, looked like a testicle, and felt like it was plugged into the mains. When it burst, it was full of caramel-toffee like sauce but smelt like a sewer full of nappies. I had it lanced and drained under general anaesthetic too, and packed out with sterile strips that were changed every day by a home visit nurse over one Xmas. She also applied a steroid cream to help the skin recover a little more quickly. I didn't need the sterile strips after about three weeks. But I did need to keep it dressed for another two weeks. It's left a scar.

  • I regularly get abscesses, need antibiotics and they take forever to heal. My most recent one has just started to dry out after 2 months! They always leave deep scars. X

  • I realize that this is an old thread, but I just joined this group, and wound healing is perhaps my wife's number one problem. I found an article from April 2016 that suggests that a reduction in Interleukin-2 may impair wound healing. Here's the link:


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