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Lupus and thyroid

Hi I wondered if any one can enlighten

Me my daughter has called me she is no feeling so great she was diagnosed when she was 8 and is now 25 so we are pretty clued up on the never ending symptons however the symptons she is having sound very much like thyroid symptons her father has hypo thyroid and I have hist been diagnosed hyper which they think is graves I told her that I thought there was a link and should go for tests

As she is feeling down she said it's just lupus mum and we left it at that

I wondered what others think and does anyone know if there is a link I know she doesn't

See her rheumy again till end of year

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There's definitely a link. Underactive thyroid and lupus are both autoimmune diseases and a lot of people suffer with both. I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 21 years ago and lupus 5 years ago. If she feels up to it your daughter ought to speak to her gp as getting her started on thyroxine will make her feel so much better if that is the problem.


Thank you chicllett mothers are always right he he

I thought I had read of a link somewhere she tends to put everything down to lupus she once had blood coming out of her ears and thought that was lupus when I eventually got her to go to dr she had a perforated ear drum dr said if blood comes from any were it shouldn't come to me and I will tell u if it's lupus


Hi. Sorry your daughter is so poorly. It's hard at 50 dealing with never ending symptoms, but terrible at 25.

I have hypothyroidism and lupus. The symptoms are interchangeable. Auto immune diseases often come in pairs. Ask GP for thyroid tests. Any treatment that makes symptoms even a bit better has to help. Good luck


Very difficult subject as mine fluctuates between hypo and hyper as does that of many - known as Hashimoto's thyroidism. A friend of mine was poisoned on Levothyroxine and I refused to take it due to it containing lactose to which I am allergic. Allergies can affect the thyroid, too. I use sea veg. but am lucky enough to be able to muscle test as too much can cause the thyroid to shut down altogether, I read, and that is probably another reason why I cannot take too much sea veg. All the best in sorting it all out.


Thank you for your comments have shown them to her and she has know booked to have her bloods checked she might be right it could just be the beginning of a lupus flare but I. Have watched how they start for many years and it is different this time so better to be safe than sorry it's to easy to put every symptom down to lupus


There is a strong link between all auto-immune disorders and lupus/thyroid is not uncommon. She should get a thyroid function blood test from her GP. It's no big deal.


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