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Do I have lupus


Had a skin biopsy done in April the results came back as lichenoid inflammation. The dermatologist asked me some questions and I replied that I get rash on my face and chest if I'm outside in the sun and I seem tired more. She said she run some bloods which includes fbc flt renal function ANA ENA and DNA but she did not say why or what she was looking for. She also prescribed some cream for the patch on my face which is steroid based and to wear factor 50+ sun cream at all times.

I'm just wonder if think she testing for lupus as I googled it and this was the most related. Also how long does it take to get the results for these bloods test .

Any advice or information would be great



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Hello Jazzy10,

I don't think I can mind-read your dermatologist, but the bloods you describe would indeed help decide how likely it is that there is an auto-immune cause for your skin condition. Lupus is quite likely to be one of those in the list of possible differential diagnoses. The leaflet is a good introduction to the ways in which lupus is diagnosed

How long it takes for the results will depend on your lab, exactly which tests have been ordered, and the policy of the doctor/department who get the results. but if your bloods were done with the biopsy in April, they should certainly be back by now! I'd be ringing to ask after a week or 10 days in any case. Hope all works out well x

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Hi whisperit

Thank you for the information and advice I will read the leaflet later when I get back from work. Bloods were only taken last week and was told I been seen again at the beginning of September. Just wish I asked why and what she was testing for at my appointment. Now just got to wait.

Thank again hope you're keeping well x

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Hi There Jazzy10. The ENA panel usually includes all the antibodies for rheumatic diseases - not just Lupus. So he was probably checking also for Vasculitis, RA, Sjögren’s, MCTD, Scleroderma and Lupus plus others such as Psoriasis and Rosacea with the biopsy. You should be able to obtain the results from visiting your GP who can check your hospital clinical portal if you ask them to.

It sounds like Lichen Planus.

They would find Lymphocytes in the biopsy if it were lupus so the answer is no. Its not lupus.

***"The term interface dermatitis refers to the finding in a skin biopsy of aninflammatory infiltrate that abuts or obscures the dermo-epidermal junction. The term ''lichenoid'' refers to papular lesion of certain skin disorders of which lichen planus is the prototype."***

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