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Methotrexate and Covid jab

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Hello, everyone. After numerous phone calls and a couple of refusals I have FINALLY got an appointment for a third Covid jab next Wednesday. 😀🤞. It’s a very long story but I’m delighted to have this appointment even though I think it will be classed as a booster rather than the third vaccine. I’ll cross that bridge at the appointment, I’m just delighted to be going. However I forgot to ask about whether I should take my weekly methotrexate injection before the vaccine appointment two days later? Even if I had asked I doubt very much if the girl on the booking line would have known. I’m relying on all of you to offer your advice and experience.

12 Replies
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Call your RHEUMATOLOGIST & get their recommendation of timing with the BOOSTER & your Methotrexate.

Normally with FLU SHOTS, we should take them in the MIDDLE of INFUSIONS so that it gives the FLU shot time to enter system & not be fought by the INFUSION trying to prevent it from doing its job.

From the ARTICLE BELOW, it read that the COVID19 SHOTS should be spaced apart so that the IMMUNE SYSTEM can give a PERSON a better IMMUNE RESPONSE without infusions repressing the SHOTS.

But “CALL RHEUMATOLOGIST” to get new INFUSION timeframe if they think it is needed to SPACE them out Like with the FLU SHOTS.

You want to get all the advantages of the SHOTS w/out INFUSIONS causing interruptions into the process.

A friend got COVID19 10 days after the BOOSTER -

So make sure you are “REALLY WELL”

if you get “ANY” COVID19 SHOT or FLU SHOT.

Otherwise- our bodies will flare or become more susceptible to VIRUSES as it enters to train cells to attack.

She immediately got the REGENERON/Monoclonal Antibodies

& it was a mild version of Covid19 about 7 days.

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Hi I have been told I don't need to stop my methotrexate injection around the covid jab although I have heard scientists in America think you should. My advice if you are in doubt would be call your rheumatology team. All the best

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I too had difficulties booking even though I had been given the number and told to book by text. I tried several times a day for four days. My local GP surgery told me to just show up at the vaccine centre which I did but they would not let me in without an appointment! So then I tried the number one more time and got through and was booked in for two days later. I had a letter which said I was due a full third dose not just a booster and I handed this to the booking team at the centre and I got a Pfizer jab after two AstraZeneca and was told that I might need a booster in 6 months. I was given a slip which had 3rd marked on it. No side effects from the jab just a sore patch on my arm for a couple of days.

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I phoned rheumatology to ask whether I should take a break from methotrexate for the 3rd jab and was told it was up to me. They didn't look at my notes to check my background - I could have been anyone. They didn't know about the 3rd jab either so I hope your rheumatology department is better than mine!

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Barbara17 in reply to Whippet_lady

Thanks. I’m in Scotland too so I don’t think they’ll be any better!

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Hi Barbara,Do you have a Rheumy helpline at your hospital? We have one here in Dumfries and they are very helpful and get back to you with advice from the Rheumy themselves or the Rheumy has been known to phone back him/herself.

I just had my 3rd Covid and flu jabs (one in each arm) on Wednesday, but our GP told hubby to say Dr Brown wants us to have it asap because hubby goes far a heart ablation very soon. They then gave us an appt for the next day!

Anyway, I hope you get the answer you need. Take care. 🤗xx

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Thank you, everyone. I just wondered if there was general agreement about it. I’ll try and get hold of my consultant.

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Eddie66 in reply to Barbara17

I had to get approval from my consultant, which I got. Mybe you could ask your consultants secretary to get the nurse to call you back?

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I spoke to my Rheum. team and they said to carry on with Methotrexate as normal but if you can ask them questions easily it would be good to double check for peace of mind :)

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Hi Barbara17, the UK guidelines don't specify, unlike the US ones. I was told by my Rheumatologist (UK) not to stop the Methotrexate but, as it happens, there was a huge failure on the part of the supply company (Alcura) to get me my injections and it coincided with the jab so I did actually miss 2 injections following the 3rd dose. Lupus flared significantly for the last month as a result. In theory I should have a better response to the vaccine so I'm philosophical about it.

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I was told to continue with my medication, including methotrexate, when I had my third vaccination.

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HiI had my 3rd shot a few weeks ago and I was adviced not to stop taking methotrexate

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