could somebody help me recognise the symtoms of lupus

Hi there, I am also looking for some information, I to am incredably itchy, hand arms, top of feet, back ,head ,stomach etc I have in the last few weeks developed a rash on my face, cheek area also some blisters on my hands and lower arms, they come up sore then burst then they leave a red mark on the skin, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fybromyalgia and have done for the past 4 years but these symptoms? are new to me I also feel sometimes a cold raindrop like sensation on my skin, I suffer from awful fatigue anyway not sure if it is worse a friend told me about this site, she thought I may be showing signs of lupus could anybody help me with some information thank you,

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  • Sheena,

    Do have a look at LUPUS UK website for a list of symptoms, if you haven't already done so. Its difficult often to know what's due to lupus or other illnesses. The only way of being sure is to have tests done for lupus.

    I do hope your uncomfortable symptoms get resolved one way or another.

  • Take the above advice and do not google lupus because there an awful lot of misinformation out there, go to lupus uk site for clear info.

  • Have to agree with this advice not to look at websites. I did when i was diagnosed in 2000 and read that i would be dead within 5 years! Glad to say i'm not lol. Best of luck.

  • Hi Sheena,

    Please take a look at our website like the others have suggested.

    If you'd like an information pack to have a look at and perhaps take with you to the doctors then send me a private message with your address or email me at

  • Hi paul, i have, in the past 3 wks, been admitted to hospital twice with vasculitis and last week was told i have lupus (SLE). I know nothing about this, can you help at all?

  • I'll help however I can. If you send me a message or email with your address then I'll send out an information pack. I can also give you details for one of our trained contacts that lives near you so that you can chat with somebody else that has lupus.

  • Many thanks, have emailed you my address.

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