Possible Diagnosis of Lupus

I have been sick since March with really odd symptoms. I don't have a pcp so different doctors have been seeing me. I have been admitted twice since April with latest time being this week. No one has been able to put my symptoms together and yesterday a doctor suggested I may have an auto-immune disease and is setting me up to see a Rheumatologist. These symptoms make me feel like I am losing my mind. However, I feel like crap and it's really interfering with my life. I joined this group to try and gain some information on Lupus. Thanks!

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  • Would you be willing to share some of your odd symptoms?

  • Heart Palpatations

    Shortness of breath

    A red patch inside my bottom lip

    Sore (burning tongue)

    Fingers and knees swollen in the morning or after long periods of sitting

    Knees feel burning sensation

    Hair loss

    Sore throat - comes and goes

    Rash on knees (comes and goes)


    Sore body - hurts all over

    Swollen bottom lip - comes and goes

    Fatigue - no energy

    Must wear sunglasses - when outside

  • Thank you!

    I have all of that except the bottom lip plus I have nausea most of the time...

    I hope you find relief!

  • Do you have dizziness?

  • Disequilibrium, more like being on a boat than spinning... You?

  • I have dizziness on and off :(

  • Yes indeed! Wow I bump into walls all the time! I am asking the doctor about this TODAY. I thought it was just me with balance problems!

  • You will need to take an immune suppressant drug to put the Lupus into remission. Ask your Rheumatologist to test you for other auto-immune diseases. Why? I have Lupus, Sjorgrens, and 3 years ago? Type 1 Diabetes....they are ALL auto-immune and VERY LIKELY you have more than 1 auto-immune.

  • Hi maitelady,may i know how many years you developed that diseases?and what medication you had?my daughter just 9years old develop sjogren and lupus .she have positive ana and anti Ro and anti LA high strong positive.i need your information about this disease.thankyou

  • Hi my daughter had a baby 3 months ago she was tested for Lupus it came back positive so she went to see a Rheumatologist she said she thought she was tired and get hubby to have the baby for a couple of hours. They repeated the bloods and again it came back positive I have also had many symptoms of Lupus for years and I think Rheumatologist are in a league of there own, I was covered in purple bruise's rash on my face and he said he did not know what was wrong with me then blamed my symptoms on steroids

  • Hi Beth1982,

    Good luck when you see the rheumatologist. Have you received an appointment yet?

    If you want more information about lupus, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...

  • Thank you! The referral was sent in on Wednesday but no appointment yet.

  • Let us know how you get on when you do have the appointment.

  • I will, thank you!

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