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It’s Monthly Monday Mira 🐶🐶

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Hi 🙋‍♀️ folks hope everyone is doing as well as can be - here’s a pic of Mira on the left and mum Bea on the right - Mira will be 1 next month - it’s gone by so quickly - The girls are such company for each other, they love each other dearly and play together such a lot- it’s so nice to see although Mira still is a little minx digging up anything she can in the garden 😂 - have a good week everyone ❤️

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Oh how lovely. I have missed Mira Mondays. Both Mira and Bea look wonderful in their jumpers. 😍😍 xxx

Morning svfarmer how gorgeous are they. My favourite breed of dog I love them. I'm feeling really rotten today so they have cheered me up. Thank you. Xx

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svfarmer in reply to JCZW

I’m so glad the pic has cheered you up xx

They’re soooo adorable 🥰 😍 🐶 💕 xx

Adorable as always🧡

could just do with a big cuddle myself, from those two delightful little teddy bears today🧡 🤗🐶🐶

.. had to zoom in to find Miras eyes though👁👁😏


So lovely to see Mira and her mum again! 🥰😍🥰

So happy to see them both bringing the ☀️🌞with them! 🌻🌟💫🌼


Look at those two cuties in their knitted outfits! I bet they have quite a time playing together. 😀


How adorable they both are. Thank you so much for the pic hun.

Hope you and yours are safe and doing well.

Take care sweetie.

Much love and prayers.

EJ 🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️🙏

Two beautiful girls looking well groomed and so attractive in their pretty knitted coats. 😍 They have really lifted my spirits. 😁 Thank you SV. 🤗😘x

They are both so adorable ❤️❤️ Look fantastic in their knitted jumpers. Mira is posing while Bea looks like she is saying ‘Not another photo!’ Can’t believe that Mira will be 1 in just a few weeks. Have loved watching her grow up through Mira Mondays. Xx

😍😍😍 adorable , both of them. I can’t believe it’s a year already. Lovely pic x

Always such a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you so much.

They are so cute .

Nice to hear from you again they both look lovely my Yorkshire terrier (terror) as we call him was 8 last Friday I can't believe how time flies by take carexx

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svfarmer in reply to daniel55

Thankyou - I love yorkies, they all have such different personalities don’t they, Bea the mum is so chilled out but Mira, she is such a funny little minx - have a good day x

you too xx

Did we get a Mira Monthly in March?

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svfarmer in reply to lowraind

Yes I posted a Mira monthly in March - I will be posting an extra pic of Mira on the 10th of April as a few people have requested it as it’s her 1st Birthday x

So, that was the March picture. It seems like it was soooooo long ago.

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