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Can anyone tell me what group your in for the vaccine? apparently I'm in group 6, because of my age 54, but I have also been told to shield, I'm not on lupus meds because of allergies, only Tramadol and my inhalers for asthma

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Hi Cal66. Many people with lupus will be in Group 6 (if we ignore age for the moment). However, those people who are considered to be "clinically extremely vulnerable" and received sheilding guidance are in Group 4.

If you are in Group 4 and haven't yet received your invitation you are advised to register online at or call 119.

MandieR in reply to Paul_Howard

Hi Paul, hope you and yours are keeping safe and well.Having just read your reply to Cal66, I just wanted to add that I have been in group 4 since the latest lockdown and during the 1st and 2nd. I shielded all the way through due to my Lupus And COPD primarily. I went to my Dr yesterday for blood tests and asked if they knew roughly when the rest of group 4 would be called, but as she wasnt sure she advised me to apply online. Which is what I did. I then find out that I have been moved to group 6, without my knowledge.

Is this Norma?


Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to MandieR

Hi MandieR,

Unfortunately we have heard of quite a lot of people with lupus who are "clinically extremely vulnerable" being miscategorised into group 6. Your GP or consultant should be able to amend this so that you can get your vaccine ASAP.

MandieR in reply to Paul_Howard

Well, after talking to my gp, I got my invitation yesterday to have my Jab on Monday. I am scared about a reaction but relieved as covid scares me more. Thanks for your answer x

Stay safe and well

Cal66 in reply to Paul_Howard

Thanks Paul, I don't really think they know themselves, the keep changing the rules

I'm group 4 and shielding as I'm on immunosuppressants and steroid dependent.i had the O/A vaccine last week. X

I’m in Group 6 and had my vaccine on Wednesday. I have Lupus SLE and take hydroxychloroquine.

They seem to be getting through the groups faster than I thought in my area.

Hi I am sheliding and 56 and recieved a text from my local council yesterday to contact my GP if I haven't had my seems like they are well ahead which is great news..

take care


Hi, just had a go at booking online with NHS number and it says I am not currently eligible, I had the let from the hospital to Shield last year but didn’t know if that put me in group 4 or 6. Looks more like group 6, I take Hydroxychloroquine for Ro antibodies and at stage 3 Kidney disease. I think I will just need to wait for group 6

I'm group 6 too. With chronic kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, and lupus. Was told by my gp I didn't qualify for shielding.

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