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Re COVID-19 vaccine


Hi, I’m wondering what group I fall into regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. I am 63 and not sure if I fall into group 6 the 16-64 year olds with underlying health conditions. The only medication I take for lupus now are hydroxychloroqine (not sure if it’s the correct spelling, or if I fall into group 7, the over 60’s. Can anyone clarify this please, I’d be grateful, thank you

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Lupus puts you in group 6 .those of us on immunosuppressants (excluding hydroxchloroquine) are in group 4 x

Hi SpanielmadladyI’m am about to start on methotrexate. Is that under group 6?

Methotrexate put you into the shielding group as it's one of the chemotherapy immunosuppressant drugs the same as mmf ( which i take) and azathioprine so you should be in group 4 Jo xxx

Hi thankyou. I had an app with the rheumatology nurse yesterday, finally after two cancelled appointments. I asked her advice as I moved to Gloucestershire just before lockdown and wasn’t registered with rheumatology and my concern was that I would be missed off the priority group. Her answer was, she didn’t know and I should contact my gp. My surgery has put out a message online that no one should contact the surgery regarding vaccines. So I don’t know what to do.I

I'd of thought the hospital trust should know if they are prescribing the methotrexate x

HiThat’s what I thought.

I hope the methotrexate works for you 🤞 x

Thank you and I hope so.

I would recommend making an appointment with your GP to ask what group you've been put into. If it's Group 6 then they should be able to correct this to Group 4. I'm still having trouble because I have SLE on steroids and I've been put in group 9. Even though my consultant wrote to them asking to prioritise me and GP agrees it's wrong. She says the only flexibility GPs have is to move people to group 4! v frustrating. The receptionists were instructed not to let patients talk about COVID vaccine with the GPs but when I spoke to GP she was very happy to discuss it!

HiI was thinking of making an app for something else and thought I would mention it. I hope you manage to get things sorted out.

Lupus alone should put you into group 6 as it is an underlying health condition depending on your steroid dose you could be group 4

I put it in writing to my Dr, within 45 mins of me hand delivering the letter I received a text to tell me I had been moved up to group 4.

Yes, my gp’s have put a message on Facebook regarding the vaccine asking not to contact them as they will contact people as and when each group is ready. I did message over messenger and was told they couldn’t tell me and it was on the computer system when my turn would be. I’d like to think I was group 6 but have a sneaky feeling somehow I’ll be group 7. I haven’t yet had a rheumatologist appointment at the hospital for a year now, am usually seen after about 9 months. I do appreciate they are busy and will be contacted when they are ready.

Lupus as an underlying health condition puts you into group 6 and some medications puts you into group 4

Hi, I'm on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and I'm in group 6. I'm not in shielding group as I'm only on one immunosupressant

smudge in reply to Natalia1

Oh my understanding is if you are on immunosupressants you shield!!

Natalia1 in reply to smudge

According to the rheumatology nurse, I do not have to shield because I am only on one immunosuppressant and I will not get a letter. During the first lockdown in March, I got a letter and I shield till August and no letter on second lockdown, no letter now. My employer expects a letter from me to let me work from home and since I don't have one, I have to work as normal. I also talked to GP but they can't help either🤷‍♀️

I don't know what group methotrexate puts you in there's a table for Rheumatologist's to help you know, but personally I would check. I understand why they're saying just trust the system we'll contact you, but the system can get it wrong. It has for me. I wouldn't have asked but the nurse told me when I had my flu jab. Having said that the GP said my records were the first she'd seen with the Group applied, where she could see it. So who knows? See this link at the bottom of the page is the table. At least this will help you know which group you should be in i.e. mod risk= 6

It's a little ambiguous Elizabeth. Paul posted this info that includes a chart to enable you to work out which group you may be in. I take mycophenolate mofetil, hydroxy and have depo medrone jabs instead of taking steroids orally. The list suggests that I'll be in Group 6 as I don't take steroids daily. I think!!

elizabeth-57 in reply to CSLO

CSLO, thank you. That’s what I thought, that I would be possibly in group 6, just keeping my fingers crossed I am and not group 7.

As others have said, lupus is group 6. However once you start taking methotrexate that puts you into group 4. Your rheumatologist will (should!) write to your GP copying you in to detail the new treat regimen. That way both the hospital and GP know your vulnerability has altered. I think the Department of Health & Social Care must also be made aware because that’s who many of the shielding letters come from in addition to your hospital and GP. Good luck with the methotrexate, I hope you find it helpful x

Thank you to everyone for your replies, it’s been very helpful, and I’m hoping fingers crossed that I am in group 6.

I believe you are in the high risk group due to your underlying medical condition

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