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Blisters a sign of auto immune?

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Hello all,

I hope you are keeping well and calm in these new times we’re facing 💗

I was just looking for some advice really, I’ve got blisters on 4 of my toes, but on the top of the toes, really red, shiny and sore, not like a normal blister (with stuff inside it, sorry, gross! Haha)

I’ve not been wearing shoes obvs with being in doors, so was just wondering is this a symptom anyone else has had with lupus/auto immune conditions?

My circulation is bad sometimes and the other day my feet turned purple/blue then the blisters arrived.

Any insight would be wonderful and thank you, and take care xxx

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Yes probably is the Lupus - I get lots of blood blisters in my mouth - very painful - hopefully yours will clear up soon x

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Cazza_dow in reply to svfarmer

Thank you for your reply! Ouch, that sounds painful about your mouth, hope you’re ok now, take care x

What is in them? Sorry 😂 is it water or chalk white or just look like something in them ? Do they dry and scale over after ?


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Haha! Not a worry about asking 😂 they’re like red and shiny, can’t really see, not like a normal blister with clear skin, if that makes sense?! Ha. Thanks for your reply x

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stiff19 in reply to Cazza_dow

Like bumpy? Well I’m no expert and no advice unfortunately 🙈 but I get similar on my toes then they dry and scale and I’ve had for years now and on my finger bases too, worse in light or warmth , mine cleared a bit for short time on hydroxy ( or coincidence) but only on them for short while before rheumy decided to stop them but they’ve never gone since . But yes my feet are badly mottled and cold too so 🤷‍♀️

Good luck hope you find some answers best wishes

Stay safe 🙏

Hey there -I had both feet covered in very itchy blisters a couple of years back when on holiday in the sun. Was a bit like when I had (very late in life!) chicken pox.. I really needed to (sorry) burst the blisters for relief. This happened two years before that too. I think I had taken my boat shoes off many times without applying the factor 50 and so they got the sun at them.. It looked like something called bullous lupus. Have a look at images on line as it might help. In the end I had to call the GP as I was in agony still, weeks after the holiday, and I'd tried calamine lotion and all sorts to no avail. She prescribed a mild cream with slight betnovate quality..with steroids - it calmed down after a week or so. I was kinda scarred for a while allover my feet. Have you been out in the sun with your feet showing and no sun cream on? Hope this helps.D

Try looking up a picture of chilblains as what you are describing sounds a bit like them.

Have you been close to anyone with coronavirus? Ive read in some reports that the only symptoms in asymptomatic patients, was chilblains on the feet.

You should take pictures and send them to your GP so they have a record.

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Jumper99 in reply to Star13

I read this too. Prof Beverly Hunt has confirmed this on her Twitter page.

If you have lupus, it is important to let your doctors know of any new skin symptoms. There are many ways autoimmune disease affects the skin.

If you are asking if blisters with no other symptoms are a sign of autoimmune disease, my guess would be no, mainly because autoimmune diseases are not common but skin problems are. But then, that may depend on what you mean by blister. You should send a photo to your doctors.

I hope you get an answer soon.


It's definitely not a classic symptom of lupus or an auto immune condition but if it lasts more than a week then definitely speak to your GP about it. Ulcers in autoimmune conditions are generally in the mouth, nose or genitals. Yours could be something related to an underlying condition, or it might be a skin reaction.

You say you've not been wearing shoes and I wonder if your feet could be being exposed to something that you are allergic to (for example, carpet cleaner etc) Might be worth wearing some slippers or socks once they've healed, and see if that helps.

Hope they ease soon x

What a good idea. That is probably what a doctor would recommend. If it is an allergy, the best way to diagnose it is through eliminating possibilities. I have had to do a lot of that.


Thank you everyone who replied! I really appreciate it.

It was diagnosed at chilblains which is apparently common with Raynauds and lupus! Got a phone appt with the rhuemy next week, fingers crossed I get some assistance!

Just been prescribed codeine form my GP for now eek

Take care x

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