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👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣Lupus Rash/Blisters Still Barefoot

👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣Lupus Rash/Blisters Still Barefoot

Hi everyone;

Laura and I are still taking care of my Mom & Dad, so I don't get to visit with my friend here as much as I did.

My blisters and rash is starting on my foot again. Just when I think things will settle down some comes up or flares up.

I hope all of you and your families are doing well!


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I'm sorry that your rash is back. I often have the feeling that, when things seem to be going well, lupus always comes back to challenge me. 🙁

I hope that your mom and dad are getting along as well as possible. The important thing is that your family is all together, helping and supporting one another. That is a blessing!

I tried the coconut oil, and it is working just great!! I have a little trouble finding the time to let it soak in, but it works even if I cover up a bit early! The smell reminds me of being on a sunny beach! Thank you for the skin softening tip!!

I hope you'll have some time to get out and enjoy the autumn weather with your family!




Hi Lorelei;

I agree, when things seem as if they could get back on track, Lupus comes back around to remind me that all is not well!

Thanks for the concern for Mom & Dad, with their health yes, it is as well as can be expected.

As for the coconut oil don't thank me it was my dermatologist who recommended it. I just passed the information along. If I have something that works for me I'll let everyone know. Yes, it is hard to have time to let it absorbe in at times. For me, usually the mornings are best. There is no one here but Laura and I and we get our shower and have the time to stay uncovered (nude). Laura & I will usually do some light house work and let the oil absorbe in before she gets dressed to go to the law office.

As to enjoying fall! Here in Alabama we have not had any fall weather yet! I went fishing yesterday now, can you believe that on November 3, I'm still wearing shorts and a T-shirt on the lake and it is still hot! It was above 85 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday. We have broken high temperature records for about 8 days straight! The good thing is, it is still barefoot weather👣👣👣! Not to mention we have not had any rain in 47 days. We are only 6 days away from breaking the record for days with no rain. Our 15 day forecast shows little or no rain chances?! It has been a hot dry summer here and it is still going! It is supposed to be around 80 here again today!

I have to go to Birmingham to my pulmonary cardiologist for just a routine check up. I guess I'll wear shorts again? And as usual barefoot.

I hope you and your family has a good weekend!

Being from Alabama I gotta say this


Yep, I will be watching Alabama Football this weekend. ( Laura and my Daughter went to the university Of Alabama)!



Hi Tiras,

It always happens doesn't it, you just think things are improving slightly and bam, lupus gives you another thump!

Hope things are going well with your parents, I may have mentioned before that my dad lives with us since mum died 2 years ago. He's 91 and tends to fall alot, he's been busy collecting all the cooking apples and making apple sauce to freeze ☺

Good to hear that you're still enjoying some fishing 🎣


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Hi Helen;

Yep it hits us doesn't it!

Thing are as well as can be expected with Mom & Dad. They have already told us Dad could go at anytime.

Oh, homemade applesauce, that is great. I make homemade spiced apples and put them in the freezer for the holidays. I found my Grandmother's recipe a couple of years ago. She always had spiced apples for the family Christmas dinner. Now I have started it back. I can follow the recipe to a "T" and they are good but, not like Grandmother use to make them?

I don't get much time for anything now, but I do try to get away every now and then if and when I can to fish a few hours. With your 91 year old Dad living with you, I'm sure you are in the same boat as I.

Wishing you and your family a good weekend!


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Spiced apples sound good Tiras, yes I think we are in the same boat.

We had a lovely day out on the Pembrokeshire Coast this weekend, it's not far from us and breathtakingly beautiful, I always feel better near the sea, so important to do nice things regularly ☺


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