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Bulging Disc Pain


Hi, I had 6 lower facet joint injections in my back plus an epidural on a bulging disc L4 L5 on Christmas Eve.

All was wonderful with no pain until a few weeks ago unfortunately the epidural has worn off and the pain is back as before.

I had my follow up appointment yesterday at the pain clinic he explained that the epidural only reduces the inflammation around the disc.

The pain is not all the time, though very painful sometimes when walking, standing.

He went through some options with me he’s going to speak to his colleague about me and meet up again next Wednesday to talk through the options open to me.

The options he discussed were:

It may still work as I have some good days so just up the meds.

Two epidurals one either side as I have some pain in left thigh as well.

Be referred to the spinal clinic possible op to remove the bulge (not the disc).

Just wondered what any of your experiences were with this.

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Hi JHPC! I’d ask to be referred to spine clinic just to see how bulged the disc is and if it may require surgery based on NSGY opinion. I think it’d be nice to get a second pair of eyes on the situation. If an epidural isn’t lasting at least a month, the road ahead might be tough.

Unfortunately, doing surgery to relieve pain has not been shown to be monumentally successful. They usually do surgery if your motor function is compromised/muscles are atrophied. I’d try to go as long as you can without having surgery if possible. But if things are only getting worse, it’s time to seek other help outside the pain clinic.

Hope this is somewhat helpful. Wishing you all the best. Keep us up to date with how things are going!

Jhpc in reply to Jmiller623

Thanks for your reply, hope you get some relief soon let me know how you get on.

I won’t go down the op route unless there is no other option.

Funny enough I bumped into a friend at the pain clinic she had the op two years ago but now needs it done again, she said she had felt good for 2 years...

I have the same problem I have a spine block lasts about 6-8 weeks should get 4 a year but our hospital in in serious trouble so lucky if I get one a year

Jhpc in reply to onamission

That’s so not right you should be able to get the treatment you deserve!

onamission in reply to Jhpc

I agree I have paid to have pain relief

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