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Spinal Clinic Referral


Just been referred to the spinal clinic today, I have a bulging disc in lower back, L4 L5, I had an epidural as well as 6 lower facet joint injections on Christmas Eve. the injections wore off, so as I still have a lot of leg pain being referred, also for an up to date MRI scan, last one I had was in June last year.

Got a phone call from the MRI department and got a cancellation appointment this afternoon! So all done, feel so lucky to have had such a quick appointment and that wasn’t private either.

Have any of you been referred to the spinal clinic with similar problems, what was the outcome?

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Hi I haven't had any facet injections but I had a discectomy and facetectomy operation, last October.It went well mine was at L5 S1

Jhpc in reply to Kels1974

Were you off work for a while? How long were you in Hospital for?

They may do more injections on me will just have to wait and see.

Kels1974 in reply to Jhpc

I had my operation at 10am and was home by 8pm the same day.Im not currently working due to other disabilities.

Jhpc in reply to Kels1974

Thanks for your response Kels.. they don’t keep you in long in hospital these days. Sorry to hear you have more issues to deal with. X


Glad you got the quick appointment for MRI. I haven’t been referred but your post makes me think I should be!

I have bulging L5/S1 and “significant” DDD in C6 and 7. I tend to think it only impacts on me sporadically if I’m sitting or standing still for too long. But tonight I could barely stand up for pain after sitting chatting to an old friend for a few hours in a cafe with hard chairs. So perhaps it impacts on me more than I’m realising as I have to go everywhere with a folding seat stick and have to perch on it if I’m standing still for longer than a few minutes or the pain and orthostatic tremor kick in too badly and I just have to sit down ASAP or else...!

Having read and heard what friends get offered I will ask my rheumatologist if I can be referred to spinal clinic. So far all I’ve ever been offered is a physio session or two - then given sheets of exercises to do at home. I’ve also just learned that I hade thoracic scoliosis.

So I think I should be getting more help because I really struggle to bend over and my home environment doesn’t really lend itself to doing core exercises - I can’t get up from the floor and my bed is not ideal not firm enough. I can’t tolerate NSAIDs or codeine at all so it would be good to get some expertise on what is causing what re pain and stiffness. X

Jhpc in reply to Hidden

Hi TT it’s weird I have good spells in the day yet that can change v quickly from moderate pain to severe pain when standing or walking, better when sitting. I too am finding it difficult at times to bend over.

Think in this day and age you shouldn’t have to put up with so much pain.

Hope you get a referral too and get some relief for your pain. X

Hi I Have C-4-5-6-7 done and also L-5 these are my injections and then i get TPI shots for Extreme muscle spasms all over my back and upper neck .clear to the base of my skull and i can get the TPI every two months and either l or c spine BUT not both . and i have benn getting these same as TPI BUT i cam't get ALL either c or l and the TPI . I also have what is called Kissing Osteophyte's they are on C-5 and C-6 and they hit and by head and neck get stuck and won't move - I don't have Lupus BUT I am what is called a APS triple positive primary male .I also have 32 diagnosed medical problems .. Yes I am a "walking Talking medical Nightmare ". I also have 29 Doctors and average 25 Medical appointments a month - twice a week i have my INR blood drawn in the Veins in the blood Lab. I have an extremely erratic INR i can go from a 2.4 on Tuesday to a 9.2 on the following Friday .!! it's always a surprise .

Jhpc in reply to jetjetjet

Hi Jet, gosh you have so much going on... you are indeed a walking talking miracle by the sounds of it. My problems are slim compared to yours. Hope all the injections help you x

jetjetjet in reply to Jhpc

They do JH But they wear off as well expected .The TPI can be tricky as i can have a full blown back muscle spasm.and it has bent the needle .As far as having a INR machine I can't because i am LA positive and the Mfg's of all that equipment won't back it because some are way off .I don't mind doing blood every three days -after all i have been doing it since 10/1/2009. some time it's even more frequent .and with erratic INR'S I have it keeps the doc's state of mind . They get awful nervous with me .

Sammi19 in reply to jetjetjet

I bought my own INR machine it gave me some life which was wonderful. A thought for you perhaps. Keep fighting that’s all we do!

Jhpc in reply to Sammi19

I will google this and have a look, anything is worth a try. Glad it’s helped you.


I have been receiving epidural injections for three years. I have them done at a spinal clinic. I have herniated discs in L4,5,&6 I have so much pain and numbness in my lower back and legs. Does anyone suffer from numbness and burning pain in your feet?

Jhpc in reply to Sadiemay

I had my injections done through the pain management department now referred to the spinal clinic. I think herniated discs are worse than bulging discs.

I don’t have the numbness but have pain in my feet at times.

My pain is mainly in my right leg though often have pain in left thigh too.

So how long does your injections last for?

Sadiemay in reply to Jhpc

My injections unfortunately last only about 10-15 days. My rt. foot is worse and is beginning to drop when I walk. I was sent to a surgeon first, they advised me to have a multi-level fusion. I am too scared to do that, I don't feel like I'm bad off enough to get that done, or maybe just too chicken.

Jhpc in reply to Sadiemay

You didn’t get much relief then, mine lasted about 4 weeks I was on cloud nine, back to earth with a bump now.

Yes I agree it sounds scary a multi level infusion. Hope you get some relief soon.

Sammi19 in reply to Sadiemay

Yes terrible. I have no feeling in right foot. Started with peripheral neuropathy with my lupus and schorgens to add in. The neuro nerve transmitter is the default if surgery not indicated. I’m researching this. Can’t carry on like this.

Sadiemay in reply to Sammi19

How long did it take for your foot to go completely numb, I also have neuropathy. I can hardly stand the burning

Jhpc in reply to Sammi19

I think I’m the lucky one reading all your posts, for you’ve having no feeling in your foot sounds really scary, hope you get some answers soon.

Yes I’m currently in hospital excruciating pain in my lower back and numbness down my right leg, L4-L5 bulging disc.

I’ve been diagnosed with SLE since 2000, my mother had Hughes and SLE.

Is this another feature of lupus I’m not aware of? Also recurring UTI’s antibiotic resistant E-Coli Sepsis?

Jhpc in reply to Barbaraanne42

So are they going to operate on you or will they give you injections. Hope you feel better soon. Let me know how you get on.

I too have had about 5 UTI’s (ecoli)

the last 5 months, I have been prescribed Hiprex, Topical Oestrogen, to take D-Mannose tablets plus cranberry tablets from health shop. Yakult plenty of water and cranberry juice. Touch wood, the last UTI I had was the 22nd Jan...so fingers crossed it’s working.

Thanks for your response.

Hi Jhpc, I hope they get your spine sorted ASAP. I was told I have x3 disc bulges and x3 annular tears 5 years ago. Nothing was done. The rheumatologist said I had excessive wear and tear and sent me home! That was private medical insurance. I’m now 43 and have awful lower spine pain. NHS resources are strapped in London and all they do is send you to physio for a bit and tell you to do exercises at home. I had an MRI earlier this week due to my left foot going numb and luckily there was a cancellation next Monday and I will get the results. I will ask for a referral to the spinal clinic too. I didn’t know this was an option so thank you. Aria.

Jhpc in reply to Aria_1008

So have you been in pain for 5 years?

Hope once they’ve had the results of your MRI they then treat you for your pain. Good luck.

I had the facet joints injections 12 years ago they lasted all that time. It’s the disc that’s causing the problem.

Let me know how you get on x

Awaiting results of MRI. Will then either have surgery or have nerve neuro transmitter to try and deaden pain that I am experiencing. Had previous surgery which can be a negative to further surgery. Depends on how badly nerves are damaged as nerves are irreperrable.

In limbo land on morphine and severely disabled. Very stressed .... hoping they can do something. Good luck with your problems sounds like you’re running in the right direction. SJ.

Jhpc in reply to Sammi19

No wonder your stressed, hope you get the help you need soon, in the meantime try and have friends round to cheer you up, read a good book, watch a movie, to take your mind off your pains even for a wee while.

Thanks for yours and everyone’s responses, wishing you all the best with your aches and pains x

I wonder why I was never given any injections at all, I suffered with my back for 7 years and lap they did was send me for physio before I had my operation.

Jhpc in reply to Kels1974

7 years is a long time before you got the help you needed.

Long may it last!

I had epidural injections and a microdiscectomy back in 2011 on L5. I woke up crying tears of joy because the pain down my leg was gone and the lower back pain was vastly improved. The doctor said that he actually had to file down my hip bone in order the free the nerve pinched between my disk and my hip. I was in the hospital overnight, had to stay home from work for two weeks, and was strict about not bending or lifting for 5 weeks. Now I only have milder pain in my back every few months and zero sciatica. Good luck to you! I hope that whichever treatment you choose is effective.

Jhpc in reply to Verdant16

It’s amazing what can be done, it’s getting the right treatment to relieve the pain. Glad it’s worked for you.

I’m hoping I just need more injections and not an op but will just have to wait and see.

Thanks for your response.

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