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Sore muscles in the eve maimly

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Hey guys how are we all ?

Anyone else get sore tight tender muscles of the legs feet and knees at night

some nights I can ignore it but nights like tonight it hurts so much I won’t sleep until it settles.

I used to think it was coming from my hips although my hip area is tender it seems more back of the knee and feet ankles and calf’s Muscle.

I get the same feeling in my hands but with rubbing I can ease it my legs are a lot harder to ease.

My foot right now feels broken.

I do get it in the day sometimes more in the night.

Worse in my left leg.

The hands are new

anyway anyone else?

Thanks 😊

24 Replies

Hi Buckley, are they in areas you can use a compression band? I use a copper compassion band around my knees. I think they make them for most parts of the body. Also, I don’t know if you have a lidocaine spray product where you are, but I use Icy Hot or Ben Gay. Usually helps. If not, I use a warm soak in Epsom Salt. Idk if any of this will help you. I hope you find relief.

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Walmart makes a cheaper version if you have one but it’s the same thing. Be careful with lidocaine on lupus skin. Too much can burn or damage sensory nerves. Make sure you know your lupus.

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Buckley123 in reply to

Thanks I will look into it xx

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Hamstrings for me. Maybe it’s the inflammation of the vessles

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Buckley123 in reply to loopy4me

I think it’s all connected it’s horrible xx

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The tops of my wrists and ankles are always sore now; worse at night/morning.

As we use these muscles throughout the day the fascia that covers these areas fires too much. (Other than my mouth I use my feet and hands the most. 😁.) So in short it’s electrical weariness. It’s tired and painful. Your nerve conduction study will look different at this time than when it’s not bothering you.

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Neuro, my husband and I also started using KT Tape. The jury is still out on it, as the pain comes and goes so quickly and randomly, it’s hard to tell just yet if it’s helping, or the pain just went away on it’s own. What are your thoughts?

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I love my tape. At night I look like a Christmas tree or a crazy toddler.

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Ha, ha!! Then I guess the jury is officially in! I’ll keep using it. 😆 Thank you! 🙏


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Sooo, I take it you not only live in the US, but, perhaps on the west side? (Guessing because you’re obviously awake, and most are asleep as you would be if in the UK).

I’m expecting grandchild #11 beginning of December (though the doctor expects more like Thanksgiving).

My daughter is in the middle of her master’s program for criminal psychology. We have a few things in common, besides this darn disease. 😄

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Buckley123 in reply to NeuronerdDoaty

Thanks 🙏 it is worse in the mornings and night your right not sure of it muscle or joint feels like both to me. It’s getting worse I feel slowly hydro hasn’t really helped yet odd dull pains come across my shoulder and knees too xx

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I get very similar pains, especially at night. They seem to be better if I can rub them, but I wake up hobbling and rubbing my hands too. I haven’t done much more than that to be honest

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Sekka in reply to Lupiknits

Some leg stretching exs before getting out of bed helps a little too and with your cooler temps coming in the northern hemisphere, keep warm. I can hardly balance or walk when I first get up in the morning and have to use a walker to get to the bathroom! Oh well, that's how it is plus I'm the one who also has rheumatoid and Orthostatic tremor.....mobility is a constant challenge.

Let us know what helps!

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Buckley123 in reply to Sekka

I’m sorry thanks for the advice I hope

You feel okay xx

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Buckley123 in reply to Lupiknits

Me too or if I get stressed it comes on instant it’s horrible feels like joints and muscle I did notice the other day that when my wrist hurt it got Warmer the the rest of my arm xx

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I get that, sometimes I am afraid to even pick up a cup of tea, because of the pain in my hands and wrists, legs, arms, and the arch of my feet and in recent days the top of my feet, but I think the pain is coming from my bones.

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Buckley123 in reply to Doey1962

Same I think it could be both it’s a deep pain but can be slightly helped but rubbing the muscle sometimes xx

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Have you mentioned it to your gp? When you say the back of your calf, ankle and feet it made me wonder if it’s a form of cramp. It sounds very similar to something I get which also goes into my feet causing my toes to curl. I take Baclofen.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Meg x

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Thanks everyone my gp isn’t every good so I rely on my Neurologist heavily. It seems if I do too much or even if I get stressed and Do a lot my muscles go into some weird type tightness state or is it my joints because they hurt too I just don’t know I’m on hydro but not seeing too much relief

so today I went to see my ENT specialist who also then proceeded to tell me that my raised thyroid antibodies are perfectly normal even though they were nearly off the scale On Medi checks and they have discharged me

My lLymph nodes go up and down when I don’t feel well nothing they can do it’s down to the inflammation body not there department

but as I sat down in there I came across feeling very hot and my feet and my ankles my hands and wrists legs all started to ache in my face went burning hot it’s like the inflammation just runs through my whole body as soon as I get stressed or do too much driving or do anything really I can’t really get a pattern to what it is I wonder if it’s anything to do with the cold weather maybe type of arthritis I’m not sure all I know is it is very painful and seems to be happening more and more and more. Feels like it’s all going to just snap xxx

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Google autonomic nervous system and see what you can learn about sudden body heat. I find drinking water at that time does help. This was suggested by my neurologist. It does sound like your aches and pains could be rheumatoid arthritis but only your GP can work this out with blood tests. Poor you....thinking of you.

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Mine eased when I used Magnesium oil spray. Another useful oil is Olbas - just menthols but when rubbed in circular motions around knees it relaxes the legs. I use it on my feet and hips ! Good luck

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Buckley123 in reply to Cas70

Thanks Caz70 did you ever find out why it happens x

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No, I have had so many weird and wonderful things happen to my body, I just try to find a natural remedy if I can. I had an awful red hot painful rash for a year - Docs and nurses just shook their heads, took bloods and after weeks of this I just treated it myself. Gone now- we need properly linked up, fully educated on autoimmune illness, medical bods over here - its a nightmare. Most don’t know what they are doing, except take blood !

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