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How long does IM depo medrone last?

Hi, Does anyone else get IM steroid injections. I had my last about a month ago and it made such a difference but today I feel exhausted again, with the knees and feet starting to get tender. I realize it could be the temperature and the fact we had a weekend visiting friends but I had been feeling so good compared to today at work, I could of slept on my feet.

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theyre supposed to last every 3 months, but get them sparingly as I am steroid dependent because I got too many, having said that they work so well.

Good luck


Thanks TM1970,

I have had 2 injections now but this last one has been excellent. I was feeling low and very foggy too so I increased my citalopram also and WOW the difference. I only have mild aches and pains, compared to what I read on here, but fatigue and brain fog and depression can get really bad. I accept it and normally expect a few weeks to get over these. But I was amazed, initiallly a little manic, but it worked so well. I will bare in mind what you say though. My consultant has only given me them if I have been struggling and she is concerned. She took bloods including checking for sticky blood but since I havent heard anything that must be ok.

Thanks again


Hi Whathappened, This is my third depo injection since April this year. The first worked well. Then the second did not seem to do anything and I took a bad flare up. I managed to get an earlier appointment with my rheumy in Newcastle and got a steroid injection into my body and one in my shoulder too as that was also inflammed. This was only about 10 days ago but it usually starts to wear off after a few weeks. This time I have also come out in bad bruising on my legs and slightly on my arm so I guess that's a reaction to the steroids. My concern is that the steroids do as much long term problems but without which I would not have managed. It's a difficult one. I really don't like having them but when in pain I just have to give in. I hope that your blood results come back ok too xx


I've been having them for around 10 years. They gradually wear-off so the best (if any) relief can only be expected to last for an initial 3 - 4 weeks. Not ideal but a good option if you can't tolerate steroid tabs plus, of course, you can always skip an injection or lengthen the time between them if you have a remission at any stage, with no "weaning-off".


Hi Tigerlily4

Thanks for your reply. I wondered if it was wearing off as my knees have started again and I was struggling to think at work. It had worked so quickly. Initially a little manic which I found great fun but frightened my husband. The best( and intended) effect was to give me energy and clear the brain fog and the depression that was building up. So with the citalopram back at 40mg and that injection I returned to my normal pre-ill self for a month. Once I calmed I had been getting right through the week, enthusiastic at work, gardening on my days off after walking the dogs 2-3 mile (slowly, my muscles still say NO going up hills lol).

I have never been offered oral steroids I am given the injections when I am struggling to see how I react. I think the idea was to see if I should increase my methotrexate to 20mg. I have just started it and it has done its job on my raised CK and LDH. We are just waiting to see what its done to the ana etc and she took some sticky blood tests. I take it she is checking for Hughes.

Thanks for your info



Lol Pauline! In my early depo-medrone days, I once found myself pruning hedges at 4am wearing a head torch ; ) The initial mania after injections gradually subsides if you stay on it long enough but you really shouldn't "over-do" things physically during the period when you're feeling better. Of course, chores we can't do while exhausted/in pain pile up so the temptation to complete them all in a steroid whirlwind is almost irresistible and I'm as guilty of this as anyone ... but try to pace yourself or you will likely pay for it as the relief wanes. Hope everything works out for you hun. x

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Sound advice Tigerlily to pace when on an injection. This is what I always forget to do. It is during this period that I think nothing is wrong with me and it is all in my imagination....only for the reality to kick in a few weeks down the line. So I will heed your sound advice. xx


Three decades on, me too Mstr and thanks for the kind remark <3 I think flares are much akin to childbirth for women - ie. one quickly forgets just how awful it is until it happens again. And that's definitely a blessing! Hugs and stay well everyone x


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