Lupus Rash

Lupus Rash

Hi everyone,

Even though I feel quite positive today after a restless night of sleep. I think the rash on my chest is spreading down to my belly and up my neck as soon as I saw this decided to chase up the appointments system at St Thomas's.

And guess what I have my first appointment on the 8th of March!!! So excited at last someone to help me and mot me and sort out the constant need to pee/ rash and fatigued. Though I think its the Hydroxychloriquine that i forget to take and isn't helping me cos i'm not taking it regular. So gonna try putting an alarm on my phone in mornings.

I think as much as i try to change my attitude and diet, I feel i give up ont hings lil easily. But i know I'm lucky to be me and to be honest stuff could be worse.


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Hello Kaw

That's the spirit.

St T's is the place to be. Make a list of the questions you want to ask and the issues you need to address. Get there in good time. Westminster tube is just over the bridge and the clinic is before the main building.

And if you have the time and energy, you can walk up the embankment and cut in behind Kings cross to china town Little place call Canton. For the best singapore noodles in town.


Ooh Noodles I like noodles! But money getting short just got enough to go to london and back. But it's so worth it! Thanks Thaddeus! :)


The little diner i got to is not expensive at all, I always make the effort to eat well on these occasions a trip to the national portrait gallery ( free) is also worth the effort. you will get home that little bit more tired, but you will feel like you have done something for the pain.

And if you ever take hydroxy on an empty stomach it will tear you to shreds.


I always take my tablets at regular times so that I dont forget. It is now part of my routine.

I take them after breakfast and again after dinner. It has become routine and they have certainly helped me.

I was advised to make sure my skin was well moisturised all the time.

Good luck with the appointment. x


Good luck :0), I'm happy for you :0) keep the positive fighting spirit eh :0)


I would never take Hydroxy on an empty stomach,i totally agree with that comment Martin!Good luck Lupus rash.x


Oh don't worry I brought a packed lunch xxx I never take any meds on empty stomach. xx


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