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Happy new year all

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Hi everyone, hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and new year, I had a great time, started my new year with my sympathectomy operation on 3rd January, I’m in a bit of pain at the incision sites but the pain is nothing like I was experiencing before. My affected right hand now has better blood flow, I still have the dead end of my middle finger but me and my plastic surgeon mr heaney are confident it will self amputate. This is the first time in sooo long that I have slept better and feel more confident, and wanted to share my happy news with you all xx

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Hi Dousey 🤗

Glad you had a great Christmas and New Year.

Sorry you had to have surgery but so glad it’s so positive.

Take care and make a full recovery and as painless as possible future for you. Abundant blessings dear.


Happy New Year to you too. That is very optimistic news, but no more than you deserve for your brave decision to go ahead. All best wishes for continuing improvement x

😍 THANKS VVVVVV MUCH for posting Dousey...you’ve been on my mind! This is REALLY GOOD NEWS! Am so happy for you! Glad you’re here Dousey...hope you’ll keep us posted


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Sounds like a fine start to the year, less pain and more confidence...wishing you a speedy recovery and all the very best for 2019! xxx 😘

Happy New Year Dousey

Im glad that you're happy with the surgery and I wish u a speedy recovery and a better 2019. And getting some rest n a good night's sleep works wonders so long may it continue!! X

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