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Work Update !


So just an update on the work front. I spoke to one of the deputy heads at the school yesterday and he said I will be moving to owls class from January. I'm happy and sad about the move. I really enjoy working with the children in my current class. It really has made me think about what I am doing and how to approach the learning for them in the different ways they need it. I know owls is the best for my long term health probably as all the children in that class are hoisted. They are all 2 people hoisting, the children in the class have some more able pupils who will transfer themselves from chair to walker ect.

I am glad that I get to do all the christmas stuff with my current class though. You never know in a few years I could be back in that class as the children coming through the school are all so different. Some times you get a group of very physically able children other times a group of children who need to be hoisted for everything.

Also only 2 weeks left. I finish on the 21st Dec !!!!

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Well done Lou! Every time I reply to you I seem to say that over and over. I remember when you were cheesed off with your exams a long time ago and didn’t seem to feel you had much future. Look at you now! A lesson to all of us: successful career that you love, and plans for the future, your red car, holidays abroad. Yay for Lou 🍾

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Thank you!

I can’t believe how far I have come in 3 years. I remember when I thought there was no point way back in the start.

I still get down days but I have so much good going on now! I think the timing of getting my job and car really helped boost me mentally !

I’m off to Benidorm in Feb half term - I can’t wait. Wondering if it will give me the same affect as Lanzarote 🙂

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Yes, Lupiknits has said all I'd have said. It's been a privilege to watch how well you have done. Enjoy!!!

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Thank you .

I wouldn’t of done any of this without having amazing people on here to support and help me through the difficult times x

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