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Muscle waste


Hi can anyone tell me which if any of these wonderful diseases affect muscle waste I’m UCTD Raynaud hypothyroid , this year my muscles have become soft , no loss of weight , I try to eat protein everyday walk as far as my feet let me , just feel I have something weird that I’m on my own with this , pain in right wrist like sprained this week , always pain under right lower ribs , this I’ve had every test NORMAL, jaw mouth pain normal ,,nerve test. Normal but yikes I sure don’t feel normal , I’m on a fast train to being an old lady , thanks xx

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Hello whatsit,

In what ways do you feel that your muscles have become "wasted" or "soft"? Have you lost strength? Muscle volume? Become more easily fatigued? One indicator of muscle damage is blood CK (creatinine kinase, sometimes called CPK) - so are your CK levels normal too? x

whatsit in reply to whisperit

I’ve appointment with the nurse to discuss my blood test on the 8 th nov , if they’ve not tested CPK will ask for one, yes I have lost strength I feel awful when 2 year old wants me to pick her up , I manage to sit her on the worktop, I had a bone graft nearly three years ago ( pelvis) hip replacement had worn pelvis bone, things great after now no xx

Hi, I have the same problem and my muscles are pretty much gone, pain constant. I have been diagnosed with polymyalgia/fibromyalgia and possibly sjogrens. I cannot take pain meds and can only handle 2mg. Prednisone daily. Hope this helps, it will be interesting tho watch what others post. Big soft hugs to you!

whatsit in reply to pmrkitty

Aw it’s so bloody unfair isn’t it , not that I want anyone to have the same , but just if someone has found something that helps, then I think someone has a full time job to hold down with this and here’s me moaning , 💐❤️

pmrkitty in reply to whatsit

It can only get better...i hope! 💕

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