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New Symptoms


Hi everyone! Not posted on here in a long time, mainly because there's been no changes, no medication is helping and I've also not been getting worse (I take that as a win) until recently.

I can deal with the joint pain, the headaches and the skin rashes, mainly because I have no choice but recently I have noticed I've started loosing hair, right at the front of my hairline and this is something I definitely cannot handle!

I have previously been on Methotrexate, Mycophenolate and Azathiprine and nothing helped. I am currently on Hydroxychloroquine and Mepacrin but still having no luck.

Has anyone found anything that helps prevent hair loss? because this is something which will stress me out and then it's a vicious circle.

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Hi there, usually the hydroxychloroquine will stop the hair loss. Can take up tp 6 months to work. Have you been on it long? Hang in there, hopefully it will work x

Athens94 in reply to Oscarbella

Yeah I've been on hydroxy for over 2 years now, hopefully it's just a temporary lapse x

It will grow back. Haven't found any thing to prevent it. I have to be careful how I style my hair.

I currently have 2 large bald patches with hair growing back in. My dermatologist offered steroid injections I declined.

Yeah, I can see it's starting to grow back, it's just because it's right in the middle at the front in my hairline, luckily my hair has always been thick so it's still small enough to cover up. I have dermatology again next week but I'd probably decline them too, don't want to go down that rabbit hole.


Hi Athens94,

I'm not sure if you have seen it already, but we have an article on our website about hair loss in lupus which has lots of information and tips that you may find helpful -

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