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Thought I'd be brave and share this! I hope it evokes some commonly shared feelings...I’ve posted it once before but took it down!

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The Butterfly and The Hurricane

Look how she glows! Colours radiating!

Wings proudly displaying a lifetime of scars from unspoken wars,

they mingle within her unique design and become one.

See how she flies! She’s at the prime of her life!

Spreading her wings and sharing her finds - she’s divine!

All too soon, war resumes, her battle persists.

Into the dark and out of control,

she clashes with forces that refuse to desist.

To see her she’s dancing, it’s glorious to see,

but inside she’s fighting what can never be seen.

People pass comment on this beautiful sight,

never really seeing her personal plight.

Out in the open, she sees others around,

dancing the same dance on this twisted merry-go-round.

Beautifully unique, yet tragically the same,

all caught within this cruel hurricane.

At times its power slows and her confidence grows,

she begins to believe she can fly without its control.

She tries to mend….but all too soon that familiar trend,

the vortex that consumes returns.

And so her beautiful, silent, war-dance continues,

looked upon by many, yet truly seen by few.

Ser xx

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Thanks Serser. Glad that you decided to share. Best wishes Kevin

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Serser in reply to Kevin53

Thank you Kevin, much appreciated xx

Hello Serser

I really like your poem thanks for sharing it.😊

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Serser in reply to 1573

Thank you too 1573 xx

Beautiful xx

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Serser in reply to samlewis67

Thanks samlewise67

Hey Serser

Thanks - I love that image of the butterfly and hurricane. We *are* like that - just as in the non-metaphorical world butterflies undertake the most extraordinary journies. The Painted Ladies in our garden might have travelled over the Sahara. So yeah, that's us. ;) x

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Serser in reply to whisperit


You should write too whisperit. You can see the pictures in your head I can tell from your response.

Thank you xx

Thankyou for posting, it says everything in a lovely poetic way....

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Serser in reply to leapingmonkey

Thank you so much Leapingmonkey xx

It must have been so helpful for you to dig inside like that and find this poem. Lovely and painful... x

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Serser in reply to panda2

Hi panda2,

Yes it was-very therapeutic for me! I can recommend it!!

Thank you xx

What a beautiful poem and the words hit home so true for many of us.

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Serser in reply to Susan712

Hi susan712,

What a lovely compliment, thank you so much. I’m glad people are seeing it as unifying xx

I love this poem, brought tears to my eyes, so true x

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Serser in reply to Oscarbella

Thank you so much xx

Great poem x

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Serser in reply to HedgeEnd

Thank you HedgeEnd-I’m glad people are finding their own connection to the words xx

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, I’m chuffed to bits that everyone could relate to it :)

I’ve tried posting it a few times know but I always bottle it and press delete!!

I know it’s sad but I hope if nothing else it fosters a sense if untity and understanding that is somewhat unique to us.

Unique Wolf warrior butterflies we are, caught up in our own personal and often invisible hurricanes, this much I can see in each and every post I read on here. Peace and love to you all.

Thank you all again!

Love and hugs to you all,


That is beautiful and perfectly depicts our plight. Brought tears to my eyes. ❤️

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Serser in reply to nanleighh

Hi nanleighh,

I’m so glad you connected with the words. I’m sorry they made you teary though!! Xx

Wow. Like others have already said, the poem encapsulates everything that represents those who suffer invisible illnesses. Thank you for being brave and sharing. You are very talented. Maybe a suggestion could be, with your permission, have that poem in one of the regular lupus magazines. I think people would really connect with it.

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Serser in reply to ange726

Thank you ange726!

What a compliment saying that it would work in the magazine! Not sure I’m brave enough to approach anyone to actually suggest it though!!

It’s lovely that people are connecting to it! Xx

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Kevin53 in reply to Serser

Paul and Chanpreet. This would be ideal for News and Views. Best wishes Kevin

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Chanpreet_WaliaAdministrator in reply to Serser

Hi Serser,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with us! It would be lovely if we could share it in our next edition of our News & Views Magazine? If you are happy to, would you be able to email your poem to our head office email?

Best wishes, Chanpreet.

Wow, thank you so much Chanpreet! Of course! I’ll send it over later today when I get home :)

Beautiful and well written x

Thank you Flossy xx

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