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Seeking someone with lupus in Merseyside for press interview



We've been contacted by a journalist from the Liverpool Echo who want to do a feature about lupus for Lupus Awareness Month in October. They are wanting to interview someone living with lupus in the Merseyside area about their experiences.

If you live in the Merseyside area, have been diagnosed with lupus and would be happy to share your story to help raise awareness, please contact me at with a little bit of background to your story and a contact telephone number to pass to the journalist.

Thank you.

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Hi Paul, I was contacted by someone called Sueesue yesterday looking for money for terminal cancer. It looks to be a classic financial scam, phishing for bank details. I reported the post and muted the user, but I thought you might like to warn other users. With very best regards Lily

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Lily77

Thank you Lily77. It is important to report any private messages like this so I appreciate your effort.

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