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Update- neurology appointment second opinion


I had a second neuro appointment arranged through my Benenden cover at the Spire hospital. See my previous post ‘Useless neurology appointment ‘. Brilliant! Consultant talked me through a variety of options to deal with my migraine, including mixing some together. Explained each option. Explained why previous consultant was so determined to get me off tramadol. This consultant felt that as I didn’t have migraine every day the tramadol was not causing the migraine and was not therefore a direct reason to immediately stop it. Anyhow, he suggested a reliever called Frovatriptan which has a longer lasting effect. I took this for a hideous migraine last week and it didn’t work so I’m now onto adding another preventative. At least I feel I have a toolbox to try!

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I used to suffer terrible migraines. Until a doctor gave me a tablet that melts under your tongue . Have you tried these? I can’t remember the name sorry, but they were excellent.

As soon as I felt it starting , I placed 1 under my tongue and it was gone really quickly. I know they are very expensive, so were never offered on a repeat. I’m sure google will give you the name


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You may be talking about Rizatriptan sometimes called Maxmelt. I’ve had these for ages. You’re allowed 6 per month but as I often need to take one for recurrence the next day the idea was the new pill would last over a longer time and I wouldn’t need so many. Someone told me recently they’re £90 but my gp wasn’t worried. More concerned to find something that works for me.

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