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Hi,I’m Andrew,I’m 41 and have had Lupus since 16.My Doctor after 2 different tales finally says If i get a letter of the DHSS they will do the note.The DHSS man,(He’s saidI’m on the wrong benefit) but can’t do a letter,he can only ring.Back to the docs they say they want a note.Madness.A complaint and even a visit to my MP?any help would be appreciated ,yours,Andrew,Scunthorpe.

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Hi RAZ76,

Have you tried contacting Citizens Advice to see if they can give you any helpful information or guidance for your situation?

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Hi Paul,thank you for your reply.CAB helped me fill PIP In.It has been a living hell with my doctors.My DHSS man has been superb.He rang yesterday to say he’d left a long explained note he dictates to the lady at the docs desk requesting the note.I did ring my MP and he has said he can help me.My DHSS man said that is the case.I hope ita nearing and end🤞I have my PIP today though.Ill keep you informed.I was top mobility mid help.If I lose all my DLA I will be left with £35 a week for food,travel,heat,council tax..well everything.The reason My DHSS man is so good is because a lady with Lupus works there with him when she can so he’s seen the disease n what it could do.Please everyone similar keep fighting.Has anyone else had MP help?yours sincerely Andrew

Hello remember that fatigue pain whether you can "do" things repeatedly and or reliably plus whether its to an "acceptable standard" ( although we get used to it and accept it , generally our level of fatigue and or pain is not "considered acceptable to a normal person") ... should all be taken into account for benefits assessment, so although you may physically actually be able to "do" things for assessment purposes it should count that actually we can not / Even if we're not actually getting "help" for PIP assesment purpose we do need help

If you're a member of the charity Lupus UK you can get free access to the guides by the organisation "benefits and work" which are really useful ...Lupus UK will e-mail the relevant info if you ask them

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Thanks for the reply,my MP has promised help with my ESA problems,I think the PIP went well🤞,yours sincerely,Andrew

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