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just had letter saying have to re apply for my ESA i was shocked as i have just last month gone through PIP assesment with a face to face interview and was awarded it untill 2025 , and now i have to do the same again for ESA and have another face to face i can not understand why they cant use all the same eveidence and reports that have all ready been done , this must be costing every time being assesed what a joke the system is crazy ,

I guess i will have to suffer all the stress yet again i wish they would leave me alone its enough to send me over the edge !!!

can anyone please tell me if this has happend to them ?

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Hi rlupus, This has happened to me too! I was about to post the same when I saw your post. I heard only 48 hours ago that my PIP was successful. I didn't even have to go to an assessment as they stated that enough evidence had been submitted. Two days of huge relief as this has taken over 3 months from beginning to end. Stress has been awful waiting each day for a brown envelope to arrive, as you well know. Today I have received exactly the same, a form saying I have to re-apply for ESA. I am despairing! I don't know how my circumstances may have changed in 2 days! I don't understand why they cannot click on a computer and update information. I agree it is enough to send us over the edge!!! I don't think we have much choice but to fill it in -you will know you are not alone x

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Hi thanks for letting me know that was great news for you and at least you never had to go for a face to face assesment , But what a joke asking again for all the same information i am shocked that we have to go through it all again i have called them up and they said its a completley difrent department , but as you say why cant they check on there system , my letter has come from the same building Crazy !!!!!

I will let you know how i get on i cant see them being able to stop it as i have got the PIP thats very hard to get now they have changed the rules all about point scoring.

Good luck with yours. x


Hi, Thank you. Good luck with yours too. I agree with what you have said. Let me know how you get on x


Will do x


They do this because PIP focuses on what you can't do whilst ESA focuses on what you can do! It is a crazy system. They did say that they were going to 'cross use' assessments but I'm not sure they are doing this yet! Perhaps when you send in your application for ESA as part of their sifting through the information prior to calling you for assessment they will utilise your PIP assessment and you won't have to go through another face to face. Good luck. X


Thanks for info will let you know once i hear. x


That would be great. Fingers crossed for you. X


Hello iam new to this yes just happened to me awarded pip got a form from esa sent it back with all the evidence from hospital got a letter this morning that they have put me on a work program and I have emphoshzmia.other medical problems don't no what to do


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