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Subacute cutaneous lupus prescriptions

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Earlier this year I was diagnosed but this week was the first real hospital appointment (albeit a telephone consultation due to co-vid !). I have been prescribed 2 different creams, one for face, the other for chest and Hydroxychloroquine. I am picking up these prescriptions tomorrow but the consultant also mentioned I could get sun cream on precipitation too. I currently pay for my prescriptions. At 9.10 a time I am interested to find out who else pays and is it worth setting up a prepay, or could I become eligible for free prescriptions? Also is it worth just buying the sun cream separately or do you get a decent amount on prescription.?

6 Replies
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You can apply online for an NHS Prepayment prescription certificate. It costs £105 per year and you can also pay in instalments. It saved me lots of money.

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I do not like to use the prescription suncream as I found it too greasy and thin. It was the 'sunsense' brand. I find that when it gets hot it melts and runs into my eyes.

I tend to use a thicker factor 30 suncream and you can get it much cheaper than the £9 prescription.

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Hello. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I also have scle and can get Sunsense factor 50 on prescription. Usually it is a 500ml pump dispenser so is a large amount however I find it to be greasy and it marks clothing therefore I prefer to buy my own,

Regarding prescriptions in general I would think a pre-paid scheme is a good idea. Fortunately (?) I am over pension age so get prescriptions free.

I’ve been on hydroxychloroquine for more than five years now and find there can be differences between brands so it’s worth persevering to find one that suits you. Zentiva is the one that suits me. It’s all trial and error but there’s a lot of information and friendship on this site .

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Before I got age Exemption, I used the pre pay. I’m saved me a small fortune. They won’t give me the sunscreen on prescription.? I buy the Aldi factor 50. So far it hasn’t run in my eyes when I sweat, which is a bonus for me.

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I'm taking a number of medications on prescription. It works out much cheaper to prepay as you're charged for each item on the prescription otherwise. You can choose to prepay for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The link is

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Thank you all. This site has been really helpful. I am going to use my own sun cream and then look at the prepay for the rest of my meds. Thanks again 😀

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